Akrne terladue


just find who am i! but am a good woman
Antic display been unique and inspire that meaning off the old revolotion off the past years,
Amazing the crosship stairs univers
Im real simple no make up!
Hannas beach resort bar
When my mather's b-day cake
Simple no make up!thats the real me
Church of snta maria
I feel picture was taken when my hair is long missy hair
Remembrance from my boss sis, already 6years that im keep this dress.
My past work, Derma spa clinc
Hannas beach resort is nice to this place
San esteban fiesta,chocolate factory band
Summer ware,i feel grate
Remembrance watch
My fearl
My lil dog whitetty
I luv flower
I luv flowers
Agints the ligth in the mirrow
Cherry blosome japan
Sanesteban beach biyak n bato
Feling model ang peg charoooot!!
My pet kunraon
Flores de mayo at vigan Ilocos Sur