Time To Reflect flip for clarity
Oldie but a goldie
The calm before the storm
Climbing rocks & snappin' pics Cloudcity
Day 3
Up in the clouds on Mtshasta MCM
Backpacking dayz
Reaching the summit TBT
She's a butte-y
The hardest and most fulfilling thing I've ever done in my life. Mtshasta Conquered
Leaving with my claim to fame Matterhorntrail
For Mother Russia
Glacier lake dippin' @ 2°C
This one is for Louis XVI
A man among giants
The domain
Sooo deluxe
The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles TBT  to my mountain
Just doing some studying for the weekend AmICoolYet
My dream. Some day... Throwforwardthursday
Sober since Y2K
Straight off the block thugz TBT
Thank you rain for a waterful day
Shelfie Sunday
Viewer discretion is advised Oldies Whatthe
An inspirational upbringing Californiapoppy
Flip phone upside down for clarity Artsywater
Back in '77
Good ol' Feather Riv never letting me down
"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks"
Conquering the peak once more @nahajacuroo Veteran
One cool freshman
Just a young Kopsa Retrospectthursday
Probably one of the more confusing things I've ever learned how to do