dolce vita
Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world -mariyln monroe Aroomofshoeswouldbebetter though.
Waaaaaay to go brother! Yooohoooooo! Thisisawkwardahahaha
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Smile with your eyes=smize. TytyB
Ohh some homemade cookies and cream shake!
Happy chinese new year - nyla,nika,gian Momentcam KaBoom !
Hahaha two thumbs up! Soo love this book its like i'm looking at the mirror! Haha Ikr Criminycriminy
Reading a book over a glass of iced tea and tiramisu isnt that great? :) Alone Stressfree Selfiemoments Book mockingjay suzannecollins blendtea tiramisu shorthappiness blessed
Still not listnin! Haha Thiskiddo
Slept 4am just to finish this movie series . After 8 years its back again on tv! Hahaha pero infairness mka kilig jpon. . How i just wish i am watching this with @davevonfair para mura lang ko ng time travel 8 years ago. :))
Why so freaking cold ???? Excuse sa gay guy na background hahaha.. xD
Dont ask, shes always angry. :) that how shes starts her morning haha..
Just as i thought i am through with this," nyla maliciously ripping my skin off " aaaand here we goooooo again ! T.T
Haha kinsay gipapauli na???!!! Feeling teenager lang te rubs?
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. Its not about showing how you try to be happy of what life has put you as of the moment. But its always about embracing the bountyful surprises life has given you . It may be a tragic story or a given life either way around lets not mumble and stumble through it' instead rise above it because as what i have understood so far in life, we'll i really dont have much choice but to embrace it hehehe , i know it ryt ! Christmas Morning
;) thanks mother !
A peek in the woods
Warm fuzzies :))
"Garage sale" nyhahahaha xD tag sinco ang tapok!
Unsa ang dagway n papa digs pg masuko nyla????? Nyahahahaha lmao
Selfies before getting up and going dooown!!
Repost . .
T.T anyarii na i thought i was getting bettahhh but ! Waaaaah ! T.T Allergiesgetoutoutlikenow !
Having fun driana??
Guys say hi to @reydos !
BangBang some real stuff happend @ the range this afternoon . Glad i chickend' out xD hahaha. .
Pangpa good vibes. Nice! Abot kaya . Height friendly . -Grownbackyard :)
Still thinking who am i voting for tomorrows election. ,
:) for @apriljosueee and @pamela_princess
And more!
Feel lang jud kay ni niya mgpa nailcut. .
Nanay brings out the best when it comes to food! Attack Libremangud
Spell love! :) THEM?
Lets fly away ! Yohooooooooooo!
I've got to have a place where i can find peace of mind.
Hahahaha sneak thief . Sorryma . :)
Eh she wants to sleep like this. Atesueonthemoves