You said I was the most exotic flower.
I have the same case as Allison from Millionaires. #dgaftwdc
She's so cute, taking pictures in my phone and what not. ❤
Hello World
Best fight I've seen. I love these screenshots of the video. ^.^
New Hello Kitty case. =^.^=
My wife, Lil Debbie.
This bitch is sleeping.
We were hiding under the bleachers. :3 I look high.
My floral case came in and is my favorite case so far. <3
What made us think this was going to work. I put on the most ugliest face I can ever make. LOL
She popped a Molly.
I broke out bad. </3 I hate stressing over this shit.
Taking pictures of my friends when they're not looking. >>> Liz is so reckless.
Roxana needs to settle down, it's only badminton.
Alexis be on that 3rd wheel shit.
This be my bae. Ily boo. 1.28.13 you're my everything.
I'm at a 4g.
I loved my outfit, especially my boots.