Kittie Mf' Million


I love weed♥ I love money♥ I love bitches♥ I love Niggas♥ I love food♥ Hmu ♥ Fwm♥ Kik:ItsKittieBitches
Just re-made my Imstagram-.- Follow me since I have ZERO followers(; Kayy.? Kayy♡
Fuck Stre Throat, I'm Smoking A Blunt!
Everybody go ask me questions on kayy.? Kayy. Go!!!! c; Hehe
I'm looking to talk on the phone with somebody. Please.? I'm so bored and lonely :c
Someone call me!!! I'm lonely and bored):
LOL My Jewlry Thing In The Back Though!!
No School Today :)
Am I pretty.? Jk I know I am
I'ma mf' g!!!
Yeah we was cooling on it♡♥
Yellow bitch nation.! Even doe she reeeed lol c:
He told me he like me, oh no just got out of a relationship, didn't even hit two months(That would've been tomorrow). Nahh we not doing this, you need to settle down.!!
This nigga tried to get with me today, and he didn't do what most guys do, he didn't come up to me trynna be a thug, he respected me, and talked to me right.That made me feel good, and just for that I gave him my number.(:
They know what it is when they see me (^_^)
Mmmmmmm ._. Hmu.?
Like this hoe♡♥
Ya girl finally got her new phone, and fixed(: Lol Heyyyy^_^ Chillen in Algebra with Taylor and Jordaaaaaaan
Look, I know you wanna chill wit a player But all you got to do is keep it real wit a player Just answer your phone whenever I call Cause I'm riding on chrome whenever I ball I like them short and tall but not too thick I just walk in the spot and take my
Ya girl just looking for some conversation, a couple of BabyDaddys, and a BabyMomma. Who trynna fill those positions.? (:
I'm not gonna lie I was high af (。___。) But when am I not.? (: Lol kik me: @ItsKittieBitches
My future BabyDaddy, he just don't know it yet (; Lolol (/。\)
Damn my boobs look funny .___. But anywho ladies kik your sexy ass pics to @SexyEyeEmGirls so they can start their page, you gonna get mad followers promise, IF you bad. Lol but go ahead and send them (:
I'm not gonna lie, he liked my picture and I got happy lol.
Say all you bomb add females, they starting a new SexyEyeEmGirls page, but they only fuck with the baddest, dopest females. Sooooo if you think you got what it takes kik to SEXY ASS pictures to SexyEyeEmGirls asap so they can go ahead and make they page.
We was bored!
They locked Dave in the closet hahahaha ~Good Times Im Class~
Coolin on it bored af~ Yesterday.
My little sister
These lips can't wait to taste your skin♥
Wow I shoulda seen this coming, honestly it was just too fucking good. But I'm still gonna put this fake ass smile on my face, and pretend that I didn't just go nuy a new dress, new shoes, new make up, new jewlery, get my nails, hair, and mush more done j
Looking For Some Conversation(:
Chillen with my lil Nigga.! (: Coolin on it bored, Hmu!
Me Inari Arianna and TayTay in the lockerroom (: One bad yellow three bad reds we killen em(: Ayeeeee Inari sexy dough^.^ and dat ass^^^^
This ain't the way you supposed to act booooooooy I just don't understand :/ I got this stomach, I'm scared to death I need my Fucking Bestfriend.!! :( @b_babe09
I'm tired of having my shit jocked, my words stolen, I'm tired of having to find out every nigga I talk to the next day you talking to them too. Shit I gotta handle this, like on some Rns.
Lollipop good thenna Mf'! (: Kik me: ItsKittieBitches
Kik me: ItsKittieBitches
Lemme make this clear I have a boyfriend. Yes I have boy friends, but no different case I have a boyfriend. If I call a Nigga my BabyDaddy it's either because I have always called him that or I'm Fucking joking, get over it and stay out my business-_____-
I be that yellowbone that's prettier than you. ~That pretty mouthaaaaaaafuckaaaaaa♥~
So some of these are old, or just something I bought for like last minute shopping, I like the three on the top the most, but anyways which one for Morp? C:
Getting ready for school {:
I got him another preset @b_babe09
We're both spoiled af'
Bitch I'm original, you can't be me. ~Square Business~
I love blue lolipops c:
I'm a Fucking princess ~Point Blank Period~
Got a present for the Bae♥ Well presents c:
Baby I know you care, but it just don't feel like it.
He never smiles for camera.!
I can't help it I love sometimes♥
This is why everything/one I have is spoiled, I'll hold you, I'll cook for you, I'll feed you, I'll cuddle with you, shit I'll do anything for you, I just want you to be happy, but the question is, can I have you?♥
I'm a Thug in these streets but shit, I need love too.
Yellow bones need love too.
I be that yellow Bitch in the back, being dope af' c:
Cooling on it waiting for @b_babe09 to s wake Tf up.! c:
I'ma trill ass mf' to be so damn fine♥
This is the shit that gets me through my days, and keeps me going, it's what I wake up to. what I go to sleep on, it's my mf everything, y'all just don't know, this right here, this my life line♥
I be that pretty mouthaaaaaaafuckaaaaaa♥
My big brother, I Fucking miss him :c
Mmm that sexy Ass yellowbone in that bellyshirt(: She's lonely someone should hit her up c:
All I rep is that yellow life♥
All you bout to see is that pretty Bitch^^ All night long (:
I'm trynna skin something, smoke some weed, Fuck a bad Bitch, and ha sista and if you ain't down get with the system.! ~In The Words Of Kittie Mf Million~
^^That Yellow Bitch Looking For Somebody Down........ To Text {;
I'm that Bitch with the pudgy Ass stomach, but still always wearing belly shirts, ugly feet, but steady wearing sandals, Ass like a pillow, thick thighs and a slim waist, Nigga I'm perfect♥
Ehhhhh a bad one, but last one I promise....Maybe♥
I guess I'm just having fun posting all his pictures♥
Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaycieeeeeeeeee{: Y'all ain'n even on our level though♥
This Nigga thoooooooough♥
Lil mama Mac town bound {:
Just Chillen in the Mac with my bestfriend @b_babe09 Dress shopping tomorrow for Morp(: Mmmmm getting my babys present♥
OoVoO With My BabyDaddy♥
A Lil blurry but ehhh Fuck it Frisco then Dallas with my bestfriend♥
Me&My BabyDaddy ♥
My Nigga Bubba ♥
Old Ass picture, Ass looking small Af, and my ratchet ass ponytail. Ahh but Fuck it
My camera got me looking a Lil too yella(:
Lil mama dope as Hell with ha Lil basketball shoes on ♥
Know I had a good Ass day ♥