Alisha-Kim Hershey


Aspiring Fashion Designer/Music Producer Branding, Labels, Concepts development, Artists management, Trends analysis + Marketing strategies = STATUS
DisturbiA or EuphoriA Enjoying Life Daydreaming Model Swaggg Checking In
All U can eat Art Buffet, free for all, check it out.. Come, help yourself. Check This Out ShowMeYourDarkSide Waves Daydreaming
The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Checking In Check This Out Daydreaming
My sickest piece yet I think.. Imma call this one Space Continuum. Check This Out Daydreaming Waves Hi! What do you think?
Ghost Face Barbie Hi! That's Me ShowMeYourDarkSide Street Style From Around The World
ShowMeYourDarkSide Shadow of myself.
Street Style From Around The World Lunch Eating Buffalo Wings afterwards sitting in the back smoking a Jay with Odell n his girl.
People Watching Power Napping Daydreaming It's a beautiful purple day!
Best take-out in the area, get a plate for yourself cause I don't share sorry! Jerk pork is my favorite with rice n plantain n dumplings, wow! Lunch Caribbean Food Hanging Out
Hello World The word is l o v e, 4 letters that mean the world to me. Love y'all xoxo
This is hypnotic life is Electronic, sumthin manic, but dont panic Its n ot catastrophic but antropomorphic, might cause static but that about it. waves Architecture
Hello World Check This Out, I made this one just being bored! Abstract Art piece.
Hi! That's Me Hanging Out! Selfie.