Kirrily Flanagan


Christmas 2012, the first between the #Cakebaker and her #Bassplayer.
Thanks @McBainMalloy for the fab bottle 'o' plonk! Hope you have a great Christmas.
This is "Apocalypse Now with even MORE drugs!" #TimmysFirstTolly
Cooper has joined us for #TimmysFirstTolly xxx
#Bassplayer wants to do a sketch of me but I ask you, how could he outdo this one? <3
A most brilliantly addressed Christmas card from @kalikaliankhen, @prattleandhum & @jamiebug to @Badtenantmusic <3
We do like playing Aunty Kira's uke :)
my favourite way to come home. just waiting for him to come back with a GnT.
Isn't this the cassette that @AngieHartMusic sang on?? ;)
#Kitteh cuddles
I have some awesome neighbours :) #SomeYoungPunks
For @Kalikaliankhen #Collage
Another Counting Song For @Badtenantmusic