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Clouds passing over the dry landscape. Nature KimberlyJTilley Summer Clouds And Sky Outdoors Landscape Blue American West Wyoming Sky Calm Tranquil Scene
A few clouds above mountains. KimberlyJTilley Nature Clouds And Sky Outdoors Summer Wyoming Scenic View Mountains American West Blue Tree Sky Landscape
The road to Bighorn National Forest, located in Wyoming. We were at almost ten thousand feet in elevation. Sky Roadtrip KimberlyJTilley Outdoors Nature Landscape Summer Wyoming Black And White Photography Abstract American West Sand Backgrounds Sky Arid Landscape
Bridal Veil Falls, Utah KimberlyJTilley Nature Summer Utah Water Scenic View Waterfall Outdoors Mountains Mountain Blue Sky Landscape
This photograph was taken within the Arches National Park, Utah. KimberlyJTilley Nature Outdoors Summer Utah Landscape American West Scenic View Desert Blue Arid Climate Sand Clear Sky Rock - Object Rock Formation Geology Sandstone Arid Landscape Natural Landmark
A view of the Grand Canyon. Scenic View Geological Formation American West Arizona KimberlyJTilley Nature Outdoors Landscape Water River Gorge Tree Sky
A Joshua Tree at sunset. Desert Plants American West KimberlyJTilley Outdoors Nature Summer Landscape Tree Mountains Sky Landscape
A desert mountain landscape, with clouds in the sky. KimberlyJTilley Outdoors Nature Summer Mountain Desert Sand Horizon Over Land Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky
Lake Helen in Lassen National Forest, California. KimberlyJTilley Lake Outdoors Nature Summer Landscape California Water Reflections Mountain Tree Tranquil Scene Calm
Another view of King Creek Falls. River Landscape Sunbeam KimberlyJTilley Outdoors Summer Nature California Waterfall Forest Tree Water Sky Woods Flowing Water Sun
Kings Creek Falls in Lassen National Forest, California. Forest Gorge Waterfall KimberlyJTilley Water Nature Landscape Summer Outdoors California Tree
Burney Falls in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, California. KimberlyJTilley Outdoors Summer Nature Landscape Tree Water Sky Waterfall Flowing Water Rapid Falling Water Flowing
Vidae Falls. Located in Crater Lake National Park. Waterfall KimberlyJTilley Nature Landscape Summer Oregon Outdoors Tree Water Falling Water Flowing Water Scenics
Wizard Island at Crater Lake National Park KimberlyJTilley Lake Water Island Crater Outdoors Nature Clouds And Sky Summer Oregon Landscape Blue Sky
Lovely strips of clouds today over Mount Rainier. Scenic Mountain View Green Clouds Tree KimberlyJTilley Outdoors Nature Landscape Mount Rainier Sky Blue
No mountain view today. I hope we will be getting some snow soon. Landscape Clouds KimberlyJTilley Tree Winter Snow Sky Nature Outdoors Scenics Pine Tree
A luncheon with a Deer. We spotted this young buck when we were getting ready for lunch. Ivy Leaves Ferns Outdoors KimberlyJTilley Animal Wildlife Nature Deer Tree Branch
I hope everyone was able to have a wonderful Winter celebration! Christmas Lights Christmas Ornament Holiday Tree Winter KimberlyJTilley Decoration Green Close-up
Several days, hidden by cloud cover, Mount Rainier is visible today. The surrounding hills have a light covering of snow. Happy Saturnalia! Winter Solstice Winter KimberlyJTilley Mountain Tree Snow Nature Outdoors Blue Mountain Peak Sky Landscape
A view of Mount Rainier on a clear day. The sunlight beams across the blue sky. Landscape Autumn Clear Sky KimberlyJTilley Nature Tree Outdoors Washington State Mountain Leaves Cold Temperature Branch Sky Snow Sunflares
The bright morning sun peaking through tree branches. Tree Nature Sky Outdoors Clear Sky KimberlyJTilley Autumn Branch Garden Landscape
A couple of frosty ferns poking out of this bush. Nature Outdoors Garden KimberlyJTilley Autumn Branch Leaves Cold Temperature Leaf Ferns
The frost has arrived to this town. I hope the snow comes soon. Nature Leaf Outdoors Cold Temperature KimberlyJTilley Leaves Branch Autumn Garden
A Birch Tree gets a layer of snow Outdoors Tree Nature Leaves KimberlyJTilley Autumn Snow Blackandwhite Abstract Branch
A Magnolia Tree branch with moss and lichen. Perspectives On Nature Nature Tree KimberlyJTilley Leaves Autumn Outdoors
A pretty Autumn branch from my Birch Tree. Nature Leaf Outdoors Tree Autumn KimberlyJTilley Leaves Branch
A picture of Mount Rainier today. It has been hiding lately, as it snows and rains in the area. Snow Mountain Nature Snowcapped Mountain Landscape KimberlyJTilley Washington State Outdoors Autumn Scenics Tree Sky
This is our pup, chasing after a ball. She is great to practice motion photography on. 😁 Pets Dog Motion Blurred Motion KimberlyJTilley Outdoors Grass Domestic Animals Mammal Autumn
This is our other Bearded Dragon. We named this one, Vhagar. She loves to explore and is always on the move. Reptile Pets Branch KimberlyJTilley Close-up
This is one of our Bearded Dragons. His name is Drogon. He likes to chill, but warmly. 😊 He spends his days hanging around, sleeping and eating. Reptile Close-up KimberlyJTilley Branch Pets
It's our first snowfall of the year! Tree Nature Sky KimberlyJTilley Washington State Landscape Winter Snow
It's October and horror movies are on the tele. You look over, and see someone is reenacting a scene from a movie, maybe Stephen King's The Shinning, or perhaps The Grudge. Let's just hope she doesn't get any ideas. Happy Halloween Cat KimberlyJTilley
Two grasshoppers in the garden sitting on Black-eyed Susan's. Bug Plant Insect Garden Flower Close-up Leaves KimberlyJTilley Blackandwhite Outdoors Grasshoppers
Sunflares around a Birch Tree. Outdoors Tree Nature Branch KimberlyJTilley Leaf Sunflares
I happened to be just getting to this Rhododendron as a fly got caught in the spider's web. I watched the spider wrap up the fly and carry it to it's den. Which was a dry, old flower blossom. A good reason to not be diligent about removing old flowers, they can become a home to a little garden friend. Leaf Insect Nature KimberlyJTilley Outdoors Branch Bug Spider Web Spider Garden Plant
A Shield Bug in a Sedum Crystal Pink plant. This is a great plant for pollinators, and it does tolerates dry conditions. They sprout well and you can transplant new growth to different locations. Flower Nature Plant Outdoors KimberlyJTilley Bug Insect Close-up Leaves Garden
Despite the drought, the apple trees have been plentiful. We think there is a natural spring hidden somewhere. One day, we will find it. Nature Fruit Outdoors KimberlyJTilley Apple Tree Red Branch Plant Leaf Autumn Garden
An old leaf from a Cherry Tree. Paint The Town Yellow Nature Grass Outdoors Autumn KimberlyJTilley Leaf
Day Lily in the garden. Paint The Town Yellow Plant Nature Flower KimberlyJTilley Petal Outdoors Leaves Garden
A Spotted Tussock Moth Caterpillar. Close-up Nature Outdoors Bug Insect Moth KimberlyJTilley Blackandorange
Flowers of a Butterfly Bush. Nature Outdoors Flower Purple KimberlyJTilley Garden Leaves
A garden snail making it's way on a leaf. Close-up Nature Outdoors Leaf Plant Garden Snail KimberlyJTilley Leaves
A garden snail stretched it's eye out towards me. The watcher just became the watched. 😊 Close-up Nature Outdoors KimberlyJTilley Snail Garden Leaves
This little crab spider is poised and ready to strike and capture any unsuspecting insect that wanders her way. Leaf Bug KimberlyJTilley Insect Nature Spider White Outdoors Close-up
Three Leafhoppers on a set of rose bush leaves. Insect Nature Outdoors Close-up KimberlyJTilley Bug Blackandwhite
I found this pretty moth on the deck. I can't find an ID match. I thought maybe it is a Gypsy moth or Plume moth or a Winter moth.? Washington State KimberlyJTilley Insect Bug Moth Nature Outdoors Close-up White Black Lines
It looks like the lenticular cloud over Mount Rainier is really into UFOs this morning. Sky Landscape Mountain Outdoors Nature Tree KimberlyJTilley Clouds
There are wildfires around us and most days the sky is not visible as it is covered in smoke. Yesterday the sky was so filled with smoke, I could taste it. Today the sky is clear and beautiful. KimberlyJTilley Mountain Cloud - Sky Nature Landscape Outdoors
Lenticular clouds are a common sight above Mount Rainier. KimberlyJTilley Sky Clouds Nature Outdoors Mountain Landscape
A wild rose bush. KimberlyJTilley Nature Flower Pink Color Outdoors
The interesting remains of a fallen tree. This photograph was taken at the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, located in Washington. KimberlyJTilley Nature Outdoors Trees
Found this beautiful Polyphemus Moth on my morning walk. KimberlyJTilley Nature Close-up Wildlife
Took the pup on a hike in Oregon yesterday. She spent today sleeping. KimberlyJTilley Pets Dog
From this morning's walk. I noticed that the moon lined up perfectly to be framed by this city lamp. KimberlyJTilley Lighting Equipment Sky Nature No People
Snow Day! A few inches of snow fell last night. KimberlyJTilley
A picture of my Holly Tree with a couple of remaining berries, that the birds had not eaten yet. Yule Tide Greetings. May this turn of the wheel bring you love, peace, and fortune in the new year. KimberlyJTilley Winter Solstice Saturnalia
I found some frozen spider webs on my morning walk and thought they were neat looking. KimberlyJTilley
Kisses for puppy! Yesterday the kittens would try to play with the tree all afternoon. Today, they just want to cuddle with it. KimberlyJTilley Lifestyles Leisure Activity
The kittens were given a bath this afternoon. After they sat by the fireplace to dry off. Smart kitties :) KimberlyJTilley
This is one of our carved pumpkins. It is of a ghost with the word "BOO!". Happy Halloween 2016! KimberlyJTilley
Salutations. This mornings Fall Equinox sunrise. KimberlyJTilley
Rainbows created from today's rainstorm. KimberlyJTilley
Puppy found a spot in the grass that smelled really good, so she rolled around in it for a bit. (C) Kimberly J Tilley.
Found a bit of radial symmetry in the garden. (C) Kimberly J Tilley.
Succulents growing on stone. (C) Kimberly J Tilley. Nature's Diversities
Spring is here! My garden is starting to bloom. I can't wait to see and smell all the pretty flowers. KimberlyJTilley Easter Ready
We always see yellow snails. It was a rare find to see this brown snail. KimberlyJTilley
On a walk, a Preying Mantis flew infront of me, landing in this bush. KimberlyJTilley
One afternoon, a Doe stopped by to rest in my backyard. KimberlyJTilley
Nature On Your Doorstep A group of Violets. Photographed on my property. KimberlyJTilley
Nature On Your Doorstep A fly on a Rhododendron. Photographed on my property; we have extensive landscaping. KimberlyJTilley The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards
Nature On Your Doorstep Waterfalls, Pack Forest Washington. KimberlyJTilley The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards
My little one made herself a bouquet of fresh cut flowers from our garden. KimberlyJTilley
It's a good thing that I sleep with multiple pillows, so we don't have to fight. She goes to bed with one of the kids, but I always wake up to her at my head. :) KimberlyJTilley
Good morning! Thanks for stopping bye, enjoy the ivy. :) KimberlyJTilley
Raindrops on Leaves. Autumn Colors KimberlyJTilley
Autumn Litter. Autumn Colors KimberlyJTilley
Red leaves. Autumn Colors KimberlyJTilley
This is a view of Mount Rainier today. KimberlyJTilley The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards
Upon walking back home from walking the kids to school, I had a hummingbird fly by me. I looked to a tree where I saw the direction it flew, and saw it perched on a branch. I wish I had my camera with me. KimberlyJTilley
Our adopted bunny likes to lay on the couch and chill while we watch television. KimberlyJTilley
The View From My Window This is my German Shepherd. She is watching me work in the house from the garden. KimberlyJTilley
GOOD MORNING from The View From My Window ! :) KimberlyJTilley
The View From My Window I get to enjoy watching the birds in this Aspen tree from the livingroom picture window. KimberlyJTilley
The EyeEm Breakfast Club Oats and berries for my breakfast cereal. KimberlyJTilley
Supernormal Service poles on the horizon. KimberlyJTilley
Supernormal A windmill that I photographed in Idaho. KimberlyJTilley
A view of Mnt Rainer from earlier today. KimberlyJTilley
Sunrise on the Columbia River, OR. KimberlyJTilley The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards
A lillium from a garden, in black and white. KimberlyJTilley
I captured a rainbow yesterday in-between trees. KimberlyJTilley
A silhouette of trees and leaves to frame the clouds at sunset. KimberlyJTilley
My cat says this is the proper way to lounge on the couch. lol :-) KimberlyJTilley
This spot has been claimed by my cat. She will even nudge your arm off of the arm of the couch to lay there. KimberlyJTilley
My cat lounging on the couch. KimberlyJTilley
These little star clusters grow with the grass. They are all over the place. KimberlyJTilley
Single White Azalea. KimberlyJTilley The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards
White Azaleas. KimberlyJTilley
White Azaleas KimberlyJTilley
Little striped flowers facing the sunlight. KimberlyJTilley The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards