A few words about my person. Ukrainian girl. Like to draw. Art and books is my all. Studying ethnology. Traveler. Life is damn good at all..
Rene Magritte as he is. Art Scetch Drawing Pencil An Old Man
Hi! Enjoying Life Traveling Mountin Blackandwhite
Sea View Beach Relaxing
Seaside Blue Sky Dreams Where R U, Summer?!
Lost at sea..
Paradise Traveling Summertime Sunny View
Heraclion.. Crete.
Somwhere in Romania. Traveling Mountin
Another one old photo. Taking Photos Photography Modeling
Very old photo. From that times when i was black. Hello World That's Me Relaxing Blackandwhite Portrait
Most of all i like to draw a black skined wimen. Perfect wild beauty!
I called him a Sad Zeus..
One of the best views i ever seen. Cold mountins looks like a cover of the moon. Scary silent..