"Keep it classy never trashy, little nasty" Dancing/Singing is what i do&' love "Nigguh swerve"
Yesterday when angel came in the girls restroom to take a picture with me cx
Goyo'hes my main Nigguh
Are red lips doee
My Valentines Flowers /.\
Like it up .?c:
My baby girl .!
The love of my life♥
They be my triple o' gees c;
My photography .!<3 like/comment .?c:
Yesterday doee ... <3
I thought I was cute c;
Today .!♥
El feo &' la fea c;
That's my bestFriend guise <33
We were wearin our 5/5, got to love him ~♥~
Ryan ; that's my homie guise aha Cx
That be my baby right there ; we've been through a lot &' we manage to get through it, yess i love her &' i know a lot about her <3 &' she knows my story not just my name .!c;
My main hoes gotta love them ~♥~
My Baby ; David <33