Breakfast. Mmmm Vegf ? Gies Fruit Kale Smoothies
This is the way we live @mariab601
My gf spoils me Smarties Sucker
I asked what she's doing..she says "running away to park!" Thiskid Babydoll  Backpack Dora water wagonswag
So thankful for this lovely lady Loveher Nightout Kisses Hadmelike friendgirl @mariab601
Thanks @mariab601! I'm putting my new thermos to good use at the park. Nannymode Coffeebreak Monkeybars Niceweather
"Oh you got Godiva truffles? Want to share?" Fatpuppy Nochocolateforyou Lickedthebox
This is how we spent Valentine's Day Yessir Medeivaltimes Champagne Food beer tournament
It appears that one of my vday gifts has been stolen. Hippo Lookscomfy Hestoleit Socute
She's having an amazing Valentine's Day, if you can't guess. Hugedora Balloon Backpack Fullofcandy shesinheaven
Nothing has changed. She still does all of this the same way..makeup too.
Snowed in? No problem..we got this.
Happy family @mariab601
So my girlfriend bought me a Sugarglider for my birthday. I'm in Heaven. Shehasonetoo Gaybies
I spent my birthday with two of my best girls Nannymode Gfmode Pancakes Thumbsucker dinnerdate balloon cookiecake hippo iloveyou @mariab601
These are the people that make living so far away..so hard. RideOrDie Gfbf Mymonkey Tayday mybestfriends imissthem @ellemnop32110 @alexandriaguy @lindsayjackson3 @teylerdely @spockrocker
Even though I want to choke her out 99.9% of the time, she'll forever be my WCW . Mygf Betterthanyours Beautiful perfectfit iloveyou @mariab601
This is so me. Thanks @mariab601 for pointing that out. Lovemysleep Whenigetit
Time to interview some celebs. If I go to jail for pouncing on and/or kidnapping Cassadee Pope, Carrie Underwood, or Katy Perry..know I was just trying to get myself and @alexandriaguy an awesome birthday present! Grammys2014 Womancrush Redcarpet Workflow
So far beyond "in love" with LA, but more importantly..this dress! Perfectfit Grammys Valentino Bejealous timetowork staplescenter losangeles
Me and my evil twin. :) Greenroomready Interviewtime B &w
Hands down, the best part about modeling. Mac Hairandmaekup Lifeofamodel Grammys2014 redcarpetready
This is my life Peanut Furbabies Gaybies
This is my definition of happiness GF MyOtherHalf Sillygirl Wecute @mariab601
This is how exciting our night is Laxydog Wethair  Blowdry Sosleepy @mariab601
This is why I love my job! Tons of new experiences, & always fun! Modelmode Shoot Postedup Smoke vodka promo
A few days late, but I spent wed sleeping! Sorryboutit but here is my WCW & Bestfriend ! Loveher mymonkey rideordie @alexandriaguy
4 hours of posing..done at 3am..I think its safe to say we were so over photos! Wearetired Yesplease Iloveit Mylife
I work hard.. play harder. Masquerade Photoshoot Modellife
My WCW is also my own, personal Mimi, off Drew Carey Shesaidit Notme Getreal gfisatard shehatesmydriving sowhat @mariab601
Saw this in a shop today. I couldn't have said it better myself Realtalk