Mayank Gautam

EyeEm Award Finalist 2016 & 2017
Mayank Gautam
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People on beach against sky at night
Low angle view of built structure against sky
View of cathedral against sky in city
View of cathedral against clear sky
Close-up of dog on road
Road sign against sky
Reflection of silhouette buildings in water at night
Silhouette of city skyline at night
Close-up of snake
Rear view of woman sitting outdoors
Sheep on field against clear sky
High angle view of illuminated market at night
Dog at night
Close-up of telephone booth
Close-up of road sign against sky
Plants and trees at night
Silhouette of communications tower against sky during sunset
High angle view of trains on railway station
View of people sitting on brick wall
People sitting on steps
Rear view of woman standing by sea
Illuminated ferris wheel against sky at night
People at illuminated park against sky at night
View of lying down on sand
Low section of woman with umbrella on sand
Bridge over trees against sky
View of sea through window
Man working at construction site
Portrait of puppy sitting outdoors
Close-up of dog on field
Low angle view of illuminated lanterns hanging at night
Low angle view of illuminated lanterns hanging at night
Sea by city against sky during sunset
Close-up of blurred motion of tree
Close-up of horse
Trees in city against sky during sunset
Man riding bicycle at sunset
Close-up portrait of dog relaxing on window
Portrait of dog on field
Close-up of dog
High angle view of dog lying on field
Close-up portrait of dog on field
Close-up of dog
High angle view of shirtless man against white background
Close-up of man wearing mask
Close-up of dog
Walkway amidst trees on landscape during autumn
Close-up of flowers blooming on field
Trees on field against clear sky
Close-up of jellyfish swimming in water
View of mountain road during winter
Cars on illuminated street at night
Close-up of buddha statue
Low section of man wearing shoes
Close-up of red chili peppers against black background
Close-up of pattern
Close-up of heart shape cake
Close up of cake
Close up of textile
Close-up of dahlia blooming outdoors
Full frame shot of palm tree
Close-up of yellow flower
Low angle view of tree against sky
Close-up of trees on field against sky
Scenic view of agricultural field against sky
Rear view of man standing against sky
High angle view of swans on grass
Scenic view of trees against sky
Railway tracks at railroad station platform
Illuminated road by water at night
High angle view of objects
Scenic view of silhouette mountain against sky
Close-up of dessert
High angle view of cupcakes
Close-up of cupcakes on table
Rear view of people walking on steps
Close-up portrait of young woman
Close-up of human eye
Full frame shot of snowflakes
Close up of red leaf
Close-up of spider on web
Close-up of caterpillar
Close-up of a turtle in the sea
Man on steps against built structure
Dog relaxing on grassy field
Extreme close up of white surface
Front view of old black background
Silhouette of building against sky
View of built structure against trees
Full frame shot of multi colored candies
Empty chairs in row
Chairs arranged in row
Close-up of illuminated light bulb
Full frame shot of window
Low section of woman with flowers
Close-up of illuminated christmas lights at night
Sunlight falling on blue sea
Low angle view of red flag against blue sky
Low angle view of poles against blue sky
Illuminated lights in the dark