I write computer codes, I trade forex, I take good photos, I listen to good music, I'm a simple and fun loving guy... I'm Kheme
Sunshine Sunrise Sun
Old But Awesome Black And White Smile
Pomegranate sour, Oliveoil and Applecidervinegar are important ingredients in my special Salad . Check out the Recipe here: What's in your salad dressing?
4 years ago, if you told me that I'd be a "tea person" today... I would have laughed hard at you lol Tea Healthyliving
I was already taking cool selfies long before Selfies became so popular. Selfiesaturday Smile Kheme Selfie
Sunrise in Lefke Photooftheweek Sunshine
She can try, but your Mom will never be as Cool as my Mother in this Picture !! haha Happymothersday to all Mothers and would-be mothers other there Coolmom Ilovemymom Mothersday
An Ancient Soldier , I guess. Art Sculpture Artexhibition
Have you tried adding Nuts to your Salad ? What are you having for Breakfast ?
And old Selfie from 2014 . Selfiesaturday Throwback Kheme
Some Friends make Life definitely worth Living , don't you think? Why not tag a Friend who makes life worth living. Goodmoring FriendsFriday HappyFriday
It was never really about the Money , because money is a means to a solution, not the Solution itself. The solution to hunger is food (not money), and yes money a means to get Food ... but money is NOT the only means to get food in your stomach, don't you think? So let me ask you this: if money was not a problem... how will you live your Life ? WorkWednesday Lira TurkishLira
Rounding up my last week, there's much Work to catch up with Workinglate Office Casper WorkGoals
I'm just realizing how Funny the shape of my head is LOL Selfiesaturday Selfie Smile Kheme Someone said I lost weight... who else thinks so?
Morning Coffee . Probably my last one. Goodmorning
I'm considering getting a Vespa when I get to Nigeria Photooftheweek Scooter
It is good to know your own Human Weaknesses ... it is humbling to the Wise WisdomSunday
Teatime with Nas & Emi Tea
Whether you find Excuses not to do something or you find Reasons to do it... it is YOU who still has to Convince yourself in the end Motivationmonday Goodmorning Motivation
Vanilla and Oreo Icecream , with so and so lol
Breakfast Goodmorning Lefke
We Hear what people say, but sometimes what we really need to do is just Listen . WisdomSunday
Life is when someone you like makes you Laugh . Happysunday folks 😁
Out of the blue... the story of the Carrot and the carrot's Rabbit lol
Even amongst death, Life always finds a way... Words from Jeff Nedloyd Selvin Throwbackthursday  TBT  Throwback
Haven't had black Coffee in a while
Windowshopping for a Camera the other day
Trying to fix my Drone
Why I miss Cyprus , in a thousand words. Nigeria
Throwback 9 years ago to what still remains one of my best Photos TBT  Throwbackthursday
Until today, I would have argued against this statement but as I rode the bus on my way home earlier today, I had a saddening realization and this statement became my Reality ... It all boils down to Priority ! How Important a person perceives your Relationship with them, will determine how much Attention they will give to you, which I turn determines your priority their life. This is sometimes out of our control, so irrespective of what side of the table you find yourself, do not feel bad; it is usually inevitable and these things just happen. Justsaying
This Pup is always ready to Play . Dog Animal
Preconceptions are often worse than Misconceptions . They prevent us from knowing a person for who they really are. Learn to see others as they are, rather than they way you want them to be. WisdomSunday Words
Popsi , HappyFathersDays
After taking a Selfie with the parents, I gave Momsi to take a look. I was looking back at my Mother when she took this Photo , unaware to me... Thanksmom
Excuses can protect you, but you also cannot Live a full Life with them Motivationmonday Motivation
Dried Shrimps for Dinner
I really don't mind starting my Thursday Mornings like this, with a cup of Greentea and a Game of Sudoku
Trying new things... Greentea
I don't remember ever being taught how to lace my shoes. Like most other things I learned in Life , I learned to lace my shoes by watching others do it and then trying to replicate. That's why my lace are tied nothing like the way people are taught, but it turns out fine. Chances are that you've tying your shoes laces wrong all your life!
What have you done Today to make you Feel Proud ? Ephesians  Bible
New Office opening soon @ shop 27 😁 WorkWednesday WorkThings
Imagine if you considered Time to be a Resource  like Money ... 😊 TechTuesday Goodmorning
Guaranteed a hundred cups of Greentea . Goodmorning MahmoodTea
Earlier today at ChickenRepublic with the Sister
A cup of GrapeJuice , with the sister, for the Evening
Be Diligent as this Snail ... Slowandsteady . WorkWednesday
Watermelon Freshfruit
So... I just walked 3km (to main gate and back) Selfiesaturday Sweaty Smile
I slept at 3am or so last night... I need a shot of single Espresso Coffee Photooftheweek FoodInLagos