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love photography || on twitter @khaerul_amalia || Indonesian girl ;)
with my kitten Kitten Cat Animallover EyemIndonesia
That's Me Smiling hoooaaahhhh Enjoying Life guys
am a newbie ;) Sugar Glider Ecotix Pet I love this much ♥♥♥♥♥
That's Me Check This Out Style Girl ;;)
Plus62 INDONESIA Code Proud +62
Me Girl Smiling my friend said, in this picture my eyes smizing ;;) ♥♥ Smize
with my Idol ♥ Yoda Idol Me Love
when im watching dolphins Dolphins Menjangan Bali INDONESIA♥♥
me, when snorkeling in Menjangan, Bali Me Snorkeling Menjangan Bali
me with my brutha ;) Me Brutha Selfie Love
always proud wearing this hat ♥ Me +62 Indonesia Code +62Rules
happy birthday mom 121213 Cake Birthday Lovelymom *latepost
That's Me Jump Enjoying Life Sport xoxo
Hi You, yes you!! Look my eyes xoxoxo That's Me Enjoying Life
That's Me Enjoying Life Relaxing xoxo
Hello World That's Me Enjoying Life .. ;)
when I'm alone in Surabaya.. That's Me NoCuteNoSweet!
when i was in Museum Jakarta Kota Museum Fatahillah Flag That's Me
I'm bored. Totaly. Taking Photos That's Me When I'm Bored NoCuteNoSweet!
when I'm bored, I'm listend the music Taking Photos That's Me Listening To Music When I'm Bored
Hello World That's Me Enjoying Life :))))
Goid night from Indonesia :) That's Me EyeEm Indonesia Smiling Relaxing
Flower Sweet EyeEm Indonesia
again, late post.. *nofilter Taking Photos Hanging Out Enjoying Life INDONESIA
late post That's Me Enjoying Life INDONESIA
Hello World That's Me hoho
Morning Indonesia :) *nofilter Traveling Enjoying Life Relaxing
from Indonesia :) Traveling Love EyeEm Indonesia *latepost
good night and sleep tight from Indonesia.. Me and Bowl ♥ Listening To Music
Me Smiling :))))
Bowl ♥ Love My Pet xoxoxo
Bowl ♥ Love Owl Animal :))))
Me When I'm Wearing Hijab :)
Bored Onmyclass Listening To Music
wdyt? xoxoxo My Hair <3
2hrs, I'm wait for this pict... pfftttt Dog Love Animal Sweet
I don't know, why I love this pict..
late post at Ujung Kulon, Indonesia.. no filter in this photo.. INDONESIA Traveling EyeEm Indonesia
Hi! Just Smiling :) That's Me
Love Owl Best  Friend xoxoxo maybe it's crazy...
this me and my baby owl... Love Owl Animal