Jukka K


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Strawberry fields forever. Organic Yummy Summer
Mr. Wet T-shirt's post-jog selfie ;) Jogging
Selfmade Tortillas for dinner Food Porn
Selfie Self Portrait Black And White
This fella is spending a week at my place.
My nephew had quite amazing birthday cake!
Time to put these research papers into archives. University Life
Me and Esko the cat. Ragdoll Cat
Leaf Autumn Waterdrops
New hairstyle! Selfie Blackandwhite
My hometown
A photo from yesterday in Helsinki
Sain tuliaisia Hollannista, maistuis varmaan sullekin. Chocolate
Tasty currants!
Screaming Life/Fopp
Spring time ahead? #Oulu
Writing study diaries and listening music.
Testing EyeEm (instagram clone)