Kevin Gimbel


I create websites and love games. I also travel way too less. Gear: Fuji x30, OnePlus 2, Google Pixel.
Guess who has the best Coffee mug in the hood? Video Games Portal
there's an amazing Drawbot at Tut3c that just drew the eiffel tower!
most of the time I'm awake I clean my glasses because they get dirty every minute. u_u Glasses Dirty
logo prototyping I Cant Design Project
Best Drinks for work: Coffee > Club Mate > Fritz Kola Working Caffeine Web Developer
Today's Hot Look Audiolith
this has been my Workspace for the last 4 weeks and I can't wait to work in-office next week. (working from home isn't that cool to be honest) Home Office
"Trying to look good limits my life" - todays Inspiration quote from "Things I've learned in my life so far" by Stefan Sagmeister.
"worrying solves nothing" I couldn't concentrate so I took a random mini book from "Things I've learned in my life so far" by stefan sagmeister. Guess this quote is more than accurate to my lack of concentration. Inspiration Stefansagmeister Things I've Learbed In My Life So Far Typography
its one of these "what the fuck hair"-days. Self Self Portrait Wtfhair
Foggy Morning Fog
Sun Out Of My Window Sky
Found this yesterday while returning from a New Year's Eve party. Kinda a sign? Graffiti Streetart
sunny Self Portrait Capa Filter
it's Prototype Sunday \o/ Webdesign Webdevelopment Portfolio Blog
i really need to see my barber again... Hair Selfportrait
"You have to work? How about no." Cat
Best Login Screen I ever had. Fallout Ubuntu My Desk
my cutie <3 Cat Blackandwhite
i made a few re-usable, scalable menus controlled by .ui-classes! See the live demo here Webdevelopment CSS My Desk Webdesign
Self Portrait Vscocam Testing
Sunset Heaven Sky
Todays Hot Look
Self Self Potrait Todays Hot Look Capa Filter
Supporting EyeEm Eyeem In Love Selfie Self
My Desk Workspace Ubuntu
Rockstar Energydrink (I actually wish I could have Club Mate.. ) Workflow
Preview on something new. Webdevelopment Blog
i love HDMI Ubuntu Tv
it's my little brother's birthday on monday and as best brother in the world I got him this. ?
Cat My Cat Cutie Cat
Prototyping Webdevelopment My Desk
the first stickers are on my new notebook. :)
goodbye Schnurrbart , see you next week.
it's a little foggy today. Fog Autumn Panorama
i didnt even know this exists! Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare
fuck yeah, hope I'll not drop that one. Nexus Nexus 5
Colors Of Autumn Graveyard My Grandma
Dorf Nature Random
Today's Hot Look Self
new Coffe Cup n_n
Cocktails Whisky
still a lot to do. Code Poetry Webdevelopment CSS
I'm building my first Ghost CMS Theme. They're using Handlebars.js which seems to be amazing and kinda simple. Workflow Webdevelopment CSS Code Poetry
Streetart Graffiti
Streetart Graffiti
Cat Cutie
Code Poetry Webdevelopment The Art Of CSS kind of a Self Portrait
Cat Capa Filter
well... My Funny Hair
in school today with @thegamemaster_ :D
looking stupid while testing my new phones camera.
still sick and home again. This gets so boring. Sick Glasses Self Portrait The Art Of Looking Stupid
being sick and home has one good thing: Time to beat that Captain Falcon Bitch! N64 Super Smash Bros
next read: Simon Beckett - Verwesung
I'm trying to repair my N64 Controller. Actually not surprising that there's not much inside. Gaming 90s Nerd Stuff
Capa Filter Cat
Sillouette Cat Capa Filter
Super Smash Bros Playing Games
street art in mayence.
found a retro Marlboro bag.
German Advertising
Architecture School
can we call it Streetart ?
found this tiny Apple
having fun with electronic stuff.
Heaven Sky Taking Photos
Motorcycle Black And White
Vandalism On The Go
got a Lava Lamp. Fuck yeah. \o/
my love <3 Camera Canon Graffiti Legend Of Zelda
my super professional N64 setup. Actually I think it can stay like this.
Old but gold. Oldtimer Opel Opel Rekord
suddenly she fell asleep on my legs so I can't move until she wakes up. Cat Cutie
watching How I Met Your Mother is always a good idea.
I build a couch the other day and it wasn't that much fun but, to be true, I really love it.
new empty flat is empty. Living Room r
Enjoying an ice cold Heineken after a long day.
Urban Nature Street Art
amazingly large Balloons
enjoying Street Music
the weather just got bad...
my little cute lazy Cat
small but amazing Concert by Ira Atari (taken on 5th of July, 2013)
Hanging Out
My First Car
my next Tumblr theme is on the go.
DYI: In Bus-Networks there is Arnold waiting to kill not-submitted data. (probably the worst IT joke ever, would give it a 00000010 raiting)
Beta registration for my latest project are open! An web app to find, share, discover, rate and discuss books which fits book enthusiasts perfectly. sign up for an beta invite at
thank god for mental illness. (France, Summer 2012)
ohai empty new Windows 7, hope you're doing your job now.
reinstalling my system. I hope I saved all my data correct.
Today's Hot Look
soon there'll be a portfolio relaunch...
late night bug fighting