Kay Gee


Lesbian ; Feb.15th ; Junior @ NC
Smile baby(;
Irel doing her thing on me :D #LapDance #Ass #Birthday
Getting my birthday lap dances ^_^ #2BadFemales #Vivi #Jackie #Uff
Tongue Ring ;D
Laying with my baby watching the superbowl :D
Silly Faces
My daughter :)
Tonight :D
My Boob Fan Sign :D
Straight hair
My Sunday Outfit
Silly faces with my babies :) Natalie & Isha
Hanging Out
My InstaWife @dreaa_17 ! Shes so gorgeous! (I had a crush on her but shes straight /.\ sucks for me. I can only keep her around as a friend/wifey)
My Daughter & My Ex Girlfriend / First Love ^_^ (i still talk to her every once inna while )
Video Games
Hanging Out