Kathleen S


How's The Weather Today? Sunny one side, stormy the other side
Vintage Selfportrait That's Me Myself Details Of My Life Taking Photos
Sunset after rain
Uncle Michael with Enoch
Summer nights
That time of year again...love my hammock
my boys won :) Bulldogs
Chilling at Grandma and Grandads today...:)
Sunset reflection. Of course it looks much better in real life...
Hammock time! Such lovely weather for lazying about in the evening...gotta soak it up while I can too!
Feet New Anklet
rocking the Rockabilly Pin Up style
Self Portrait Bw_self Myself That's Me
hammock time
and the decorating is finished :)
the result...im happy with it!
next stage on my drawers...laying lace for Spray Painting borders
stage complete. Spray Painted. Decoration looks good if i do say so Myself. now whether to Paint sides and top or whether to leave as is.
Next stage in Project. Made the stencil myself. Now its ready to be Spray Painted. Excited! :)
Capa Filter That's Me Feet B&w
next stage of Project: Painting first coat. Thinking it looks better already
Change Your Perspective walking uphill Road Walk
It's Spring. It's a warm day. I get to wear a Skirt. And Dance and twirl haha. That's Me!
Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs themed Nail Polish :)
My new Tattoo . Only Temporary  but it's cool I think. Dance as though no one watches you. Quote
Things That Are Green in my Bathroom . Toiletries and Nail Polish
Night Darkness Glass Of Wine Light
Things That Are Green Turtle Earring  Ear
Taking Photos Photos Cameras Details Of My Life
Details Of My Life Photography Cameras Photos
Capa Filter Broken Sunglasses Shattered
Details Of My Life as an artist Artist Paint Brushes
From Where I Stand in front of the heater Warm Heater Winter
Artsy decorations Decoration Art ArtWork Cafe
extravagant decorations Decorations Lights Extravagance Extravagant
My new project...converting old yellow drawers into my own design...first stage complete:sanding Yellow Project Design Sanding