Kassandra Lynn


Brown haired blue eyed beautiful.
Ugh wth?!?
Mmmm rainbow sherbet ?
Okay so Pop-Pop has got a little to carried away with the whole chicken idea, but it has became the norm apparently... The boys don't seem to mind.
Mommas boys!! ❤???
....&& this is what we do!! Haha
Mom got the stfu up look from Jenni lol. @polar_bear98 @griney420
So excited! Redskins Seahawks NFL Football ?
30 years ago today my dad walked of camp Lejune Marine Corps base for the last time! I love you daddy!! ❤ Myhero USMC
Mmmm Mmmm good Huh brother?? Lol @griney420
Look how hazy/smokey it is from the fire by Hagg Lake!!
Checkin out their new chickens!!
Thats rightttttt!! ????
Coolest cake EVER!!!-
Happy Birthday Jennifer Lacey!
Sunset ?
Love the sunset sky ??
From the other day!
Soooo.... The burn from the other night... Infected?? Ouchhhh!!!
Look how little she was!
Wore out!!
Okay so they like their food a little much... To the point they can't leave the fridge lol.
Too cute!! Baby Shadow ?
Really... Rylan playing on HIS IPAD....?!? Really dad?!?!
I smile on the outside, and everyone thinks I'm doing fine but I'm always dying inside, always one step away from the edge you know?
My little girls first day of 1st grade!! She isn't so little anymore!! I love you Emilia Grace Marie ?
Bahahaha sorrrryyyy mother but i had to do it!! ????❤
Really Rylan James?!?! Lol love it!!
The first night (:
Blue eyed girl!!
Spruce Goose
Really mom? Where they do that at? Lol Love ya!
Loves it (:
My mud man!
One of MY dorks lol
little brown haired, blue eyed, beautiful buzzkill
<3 music <3
Ugh its hot!!
Lol, tired, cranky, & music to block everyone out taking a nap!!
I love them!!
I have the best god son ever.... I know his daddy sucks at taking pictures!!
Momma & her girls!!
I love my seaaasterrrr!!!
Love love love him when he's like this... Calm and not biting the h*ll outta me with his razor sharp teeth!!
My pup n I (:
These are amazing!!!
No make up challenge! Let's go ladies!!
On the way to spend the day with my littles <3
Raquel Rylan and I (:
Mommy & Carson <3
Carson about to do something bad!!!
Rylan tellin me to stop it & be quiet when he is the one screaming and throwing everything he can get his hands in on across the restaurant!!
The beginning of a disaster lol cant you tell by the look lol.
We will smile for you..... BUT we are NOT lookin at you!!!! Lol
Bahaha jokes on you mom we are NOT taking a nap we just wanted to lay in the bed with you lol
Waiting to go tanning (:
Dead asleep... Freak lol
Watchin TV with momma (:
My cuddle MONSTER!!!! I love him tho
Weirdo likes to cuddle with "his" sock lol
&& this is how my dog sleeps... Lays on his back up against my leg lol. Love him. ?
I love him!! Thank you so much babe. ?
He's so cute... 11 week old golden retriever. Names.?.?
Look at my lil chunk!! Heart breaker in the making!! Just like his momma n lil Sissy's
Blahhhhh what the flying fuck?!?!?
Long lonely boring day... All alone... ): Alome Bored Longday Missinyou missinus
WCW My main bitch! Love her!
My fortunes from my fortune cookies last night.
Chicken fried rice && beef & broccoli Yumm Foodporn DinDin
Well that's it for pictures tonight I look god awful!! Sheesh
Awful picture but guess what.... My babes home!!!
My main bitch. A real best friend... True to the end.... This girl and I have been thru hell and back a million times together but when push comes to shove we are always there for each other I love her (:
MCM All day everyday. I love you Rickie Jaye ?
Blahh... How I look is how I feel today....
I can't get out my front door!!!!! ❄ Snow
Snow much?!?! Sheesh ❄
Just because flowers. These weren't for Valentines day my babe just came home and I was sleeping an he woke me up and said here beautiful! I love him and he knows my favorite roses are the white ones and the 2 tone roses. I love him! ?