Kassandra Lynn


Brown haired blue eyed beautiful.
Ugh wth?!?
Mmmm rainbow sherbet ?
Okay so Pop-Pop has got a little to carried away with the whole chicken idea, but it has became the norm apparently... The boys don't seem to mind.
Mommas boys!! ❤???
....&& this is what we do!! Haha
Mom got the stfu up look from Jenni lol. @polar_bear98 @griney420
So excited! Redskins Seahawks NFL Football ?
30 years ago today my dad walked of camp Lejune Marine Corps base for the last time! I love you daddy!! ❤ Myhero USMC
Mmmm Mmmm good Huh brother?? Lol @griney420
Look how hazy/smokey it is from the fire by Hagg Lake!!
Checkin out their new chickens!!
Thats rightttttt!! ????
Coolest cake EVER!!!-
Happy Birthday Jennifer Lacey!
Sunset ?
Love the sunset sky ??
From the other day!
Soooo.... The burn from the other night... Infected?? Ouchhhh!!!
Look how little she was!
Wore out!!
Okay so they like their food a little much... To the point they can't leave the fridge lol.
Too cute!! Baby Shadow ?
Really... Rylan playing on HIS IPAD....?!? Really dad?!?!
I smile on the outside, and everyone thinks I'm doing fine but I'm always dying inside, always one step away from the edge you know?
My little girls first day of 1st grade!! She isn't so little anymore!! I love you Emilia Grace Marie ?
Bahahaha sorrrryyyy mother but i had to do it!! ????❤
Really Rylan James?!?! Lol love it!!
The first night (:
Blue eyed girl!!
Spruce Goose