Cassidy (Karin) Taylor


Australian visual artist and macro iPhone photographer www.redbubble/people/karin All photos shot by me
Grass olloclip +iPhone Journal of a Tree Hugger The spherical orange globe shone My gaze took the direction of the sky Suspended in it were heavenly bodies Lights and clouds providing contrast The cooling sensation of crisp white sheets filtered through clean fresh-air scenting my soul Luxuriating in the grass beneath my shoulder blades and the Sand between my toes Caressed by the sweetness of breezes I was carried away from myself Feeling loved by nature And the earth's hug surrounded me Engulfing me in a deep maternal embrace This is the start of when I began hugging trees and kissing the earth with a gentler touch of my feet and a more thoughtful approach For I am considered a giant to the littlest of creatures And if I am a giant It is my responsibility To be as gentle as possible And so I tiptoe through Green canopies where treasure abounds Where things that are unseen Reveal themselves intimately to me And I am numbed by the beauty I am immune to the day to day pressures It is as close to heaven as I think you can be I have found my contentment exists not in having material wealth but in being within nature's heart. Grass IPS2016Closeup Olloclip Macro Olloclipmacro
Jumping Spider I think it's a Grey Striped Bark Jumper. Found in grey bark in coastal areas. This cute little jumping spider was on a grevillea in my yard this morning. About 2mm in size if that. They grow to a size (body length) of 8mm. Olloclip Macro x15and iPhone 6s. Olloclip
Common Grass Blue Butterfly Olloclip Olloclipmacro Macro Butterfly
Raindrops on spider web IPS2016White
Raindrop iPhone and Olloclip macro lens
Raindrop on spider web Macro IPS2016Closeup Rain Drops Olloclip
Leafhopper nymph. Lots of these in my yard today all over the grevillea. They are super tiny. 1-2mm. iPhone and Olloclip macro lens. Leafhopper Olloclip Macro
Beetle bearing raindrops Olloclip Macro iPhone 6s Olloclip
Ladybird Adventure This ladybird is sort of furry, they are hairy-bodied, different to the shiny shells you see more often. I love Dr Doolittle stories, and I think this could be a new Doolittle adventure. Perhaps she's going to tea with the legendary Great Pink Sea Snail on Sea-Star Island. I'd like to think so. 🐌🐞 I think it's the 26-spotted Potato Ladybird. They are larger than other ladybird species.
Raindrops on spider web iPhone 6s and Olloclipmacro Olloclip Macro Rain Drops Water Drops macro lens
Raindrop on grevillea. No edits. iPhone 6s and Olloclip macro lens IPS2016Closeup Macro Olloclip Olloclipmacro Rain Drops
iPhone Olloclip Macro x 2 photos of broken blue glass (sea) + elements of x3 other of my iphone photos (pelican, grass, sky) IPS2016Closeup Water Glass Macro Olloclip Olloclipmacro
Rain on leaf - iPhone and Olloclip macro Rain Drops Olloclip Macro
Ladybirds mating. Macro Olloclip Ladybug Ladybird Mating IPS2016Closeup
Jumpi ng spider olloclip+iphone6s I found him on grevillea in my yard yesterday. I have also found them on banksia near the beach. He's the second jumping spider I've found there. I have so far seen over 30 jumping spiders in my yard over the last 2 years when I started using an Olloclip macro lens with my iPhone. Olloclip
Common Grass Blue Butterfly iPhone |Olloclip Macro IPS2016Closeup Butterfly Macro Olloclipmacro Olloclip
Raindrop - Olloclipmacro Rain Drops Macro Olloclip Water Water Drops iPhone 6s and Olloclip macro lens
I think it's a cereal leaf beetle larva Olloclipmacro Olloclip Macro IPS2016Closeup
Raindrops on leaf iPhone and Olloclip macro lens Rain Drops IPS2016Closeup Olloclip Macro
Baby praying mantis.... He was so tiny so I've made him into a giant. Olloclip and iPhone #prayingmantis Praying Mantis Macro Olloclip