Karina Edwards


All you need is the water and the girl ?❤?❤?
29 days til I'm 17 ???
Let me show you my Dominican side ?❤?
Im the head of the game here. I'm the outlaw, big boss. Pleasure and pain baby because my resume says I'm a bad girl ??????
Walk like a Queen. Talk like a Queen. Living it up cux baby it's my time and it's a femme's life ✨???
Play like you mean it and walk like a champion I am my own WCW/WCE ^__^ <3
Got me feeling high when I'm feeling low <3 (:
Barbie 3 On the way to the Game ???✌
After Soccer Practice. Game day tomorrow ??????
Baby I'm real, I'm not your plastic princess <3 *.*
Straight hair (:
This outfit ♥♥
Baby girl always been your paradise <3
You are all that I see til we turn the light out <3 :*
Say what you wanna say. Till the words come out (:
Love you like XO ?
Looking like a model (:
Sometimes  comes around. It knocks you down. I'll pick you back  when it  you . ??
I was adorable (:
I should be over all the butterflies but I'm still into you <3 
She lives in a fairytale, somewhere to far for us to find . Feet on the ground and her head's in the clouds.
Summer 2k13 all just me ^_^
That's what you get when you let your heart win 
Just smile ^__^
Beautiful covergirl 
Who was the cutest little kid ever? 
Everybody loves this photo (:
Am I cute enough? (:
Brooklyn I'm ready ^_^