Kari Jo Monsen


Im from norway/oslo,! I love taking picts/sharing Watching life through a lense is exiting and fun!I enjoy watching your picts to..! :) KariJosefine
Rising SUN Tree Sunset Silhouette Dramatic Sky Sky Cloud - Sky Treetop Atmospheric Mood Cloudscape Meteorology Stratosphere Heaven
LOVELOVLOVLOVE Sculpture Cold Temperature Oslo KJM Portrait Human Face Headshot Women Young Women Make-up Beauty Close-up Human Lips
'WINTER NIGHT' Oslo 2019 Winter Cold Urban Skyline Urban Urbex Streetphotography Cold Temperature Ice Night
'TOWER Of One' Urban Skyline Urban Urbex Streetphotography Cold Winter Oslo 2019 Place Of Worship Clock Tower Clock Religion History Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Tower Bell Tower - Tower Tall Bell Tower Church
'PROMINENT BUILDING' Urban Skyline Urban Urbex Streetphotography Oslo 2019 City Politics And Government Blue Window Façade History Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Architectural Feature Architecture And Art Skylight Palace Architectural Design Entryway Architectural Detail Office Building
'AFTERNOON MOON' Oslo 2019 Ice Winter Cold Cold Temperature Illuminated Snow Astronomy Cold Temperature Winter Weather Sky Snowfall Snowdrift Frost Weather Condition Ice Snowflake Ice Crystal Snowing Icicle Frozen Railway Bridge
'Heavenly SKY' Sunrise Oslo 2019 Silhouette Street Light Red Sky Sky Only Pole Lamp Post Cloudscape Stratosphere Fluffy Heaven Dramatic Sky Romantic Sky Cloud - Sky
'Winter Sunrise' Tree Tree Area Multi Colored Sunset Forest Silhouette Autumn Dramatic Sky Backgrounds Sky Treetop Sky Only Cloudscape Moody Sky Cumulus Stratosphere Fluffy Cumulus Cloud Heaven Forest Fire Atmospheric Mood Pine Woodland Pine Tree Romantic Sky
'A Winters Night' Oslo 2019 Tree Illuminated Sky Snow Covered White Snow Winter Icicle Frozen Deep Snow Cold Temperature Covering Weather Condition Snowcapped Cold Snowfall Calm Tranquil Scene
'MERRY Christmas' Home Home Sweet Home Snow Winter Cold Temperature Tree Christmas Christmas Decoration christmas tree Architecture Sky Building Exterior Christmas Lights Snowflake Religious Event Ice Crystal Frost December Icicle Snowing Christmas Ornament
'Christmas LIGHT's' Streetphotography Oslostreets Residential District Afternoon Photographing Moments Spooky Atmosphere Spooky Tree Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Civilization
'Spooky Christmas House' Kari Kari Winter Christmas LIGHT's? Home EyeEm Selects Trees B&w Afternoon Mood Spooked Streetphotography Urbex Urban City Life Moments Cityscape Tree Sky Architecture Building Exterior Residential District Exterior Residential Building Neighborhood TOWNSCAPE
'REMOTE View ..' U.K. Scotland Viewpoint Landscape Dumfries And Galloway City Water Clear Sky Bridge - Man Made Structure Railing Sky Architecture Engineering River Riverbank Riverside Chain Bridge Footbridge Bridge
'CHIMNEYS & PIGEONS' Dumfries And Galloway House Architecture Birds Pigeon Rooftop Rooftop Scenery Chimneys Purple House Halloween Week In Uk Celebration Clear Sky City Window Façade Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Close-up Roof Tile Rooftop Chimney Tiled Roof  Roof Townhouse TOWNSCAPE Residential Structure Atmospheric
'DRAMATIZE' Dramatic Sky Home Norway Oslo Trees And Sky House Weather Garden Entrance Gated  KJ✨ Tree Storm Cloud Pixelated Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Cloud - Sky Power In Nature Crashing Extreme Weather Rain
'EASY Living' Residential District Urban Scape Beautiful Day Summer Sunshine Warm Tropical Norway Oslo KJ✨ Summertime Sky Road Trees Road Land Vehicle Car Driving Crash Shadow Sky Cloud - Sky Car Point Of View
'FLYTIMEFLY' Oslo 2018 KJ✨ Geometry Window Sky Architecture Built Structure Cloud - Sky Close-up Corner Skyline Skylight Upward View Architectural Detail Architecture And Art Architectural Design Geometric Shape
' COOLED HOTNESS ' Afternoon Cityscape Urban Urbex Streetphotography City City Life Photographing Art Photography Oslo 2018 Communication Text Sky Architecture Close-up Building Exterior Built Structure Clock Face Instrument Of Time Clock Time Zone Time Hour Hand
'LIGHTING UP THE DARK' 2018 Oslo Tree Silhouette Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Built Structure Treetop Upward View Single Tree Dramatic Sky Galaxy Milky Way Moon
'BEAUTY~AGENT' Model Daughter Beautiful Teen Model Cute Moments Blueberry Eyes Fierce Beauty Oslo 2018 EyeEm Selects Young Women Beautiful Woman Portrait Beauty Females Eyelash Human Face Headshot Studio Shot Eye Make-up Pink Lipstick  Blush - Make-up
MY INCREDIBLY : 'SWEET 16TEEN' Daughter Model Beauty Multitalented Beautiful Oslo 2018 Applying Makeup Young Women Portrait Beauty Headshot Studio Shot Human Face Females Introspection Natural Beauty Day Dreaming Zen-like Thoughtful Eye Make-up Pink Lipstick  Eyelash
'RAKEL' R&b Drums Beat B&w Music Scene Scene Urbex Streetphotography Moments Photographing Oslo 2018 Music Full Length Rear View Women Musical Equipment Musical Instrument Keyboard Instrument
'RADI RAKEL' Rakel Oslo 2018 Togetherness Women Full Length Men Young Women Technology Friendship City Standing Music Concert Stage Light Audience Crowd Atmosphere Stage Concert Music Festival Live Event Stage - Performance Space
'SOUND OF MUSIC' Oslo 2018 Norwegian Artist Rakel Electric Guitar Arts Culture And Entertainment Text Street Art Music Concert Popular Music Concert Stage Light Stage - Performance Space Audience Live Event Music Festival Information Written
'REACHING Out'' Built Structure Shopping Center Chaotic City Cityrush High Paste Urban Urbexphotography Streetphotography City Life Moments Sunshine Beautiful Day Slow 2018 Young Man One Man Only Young Women Full Length Standing Sitting
'SUMMERTIME' Urbex Oslo 2108 Showering Duck Fountain Water Backgrounds Full Frame Close-up Water Drop Dripping Splashing Droplet Splashing Blob Drop
'OLD & NEW' Architecture Beautiful Architecture Fountain Art Artistic New OLD ~ Theater National Theater Oslo EyeEm Selects Cityscape Beautiful Day Blue Sky City Life Streetphotography Moments Afternoon Sunny Summer Water Theater City Sky Architecture Building Exterior Cloud - Sky Built Structure Dome Flowing Water Urban Scene Place Of Interest
'CityWATER' Blue Sky Urban Urbex City Life City Afternoon Streetphotography Sunshine Moments Summer Summertime Water Beautiful Day Enjoying Life Photographing Oslo 2018 Fountain EyeEm Selects Sky Cloud - Sky Flowing Water Stream Splashing Scenics Tranquility Flowing
'SweetMamaMonster' Art Drawing Turn Back Time Young Women Portrait Women Witch Human Face Men Beautiful Woman Females Looking At Camera Disguise Anthropomorphic Smiley Face Anthropomorphic Face Demon - Fictional Character
'Lavender FRESH' 2018 Oslo Beautiful Summer Warm Colors Afternoon Light Urban Tranquility Afternoon Beautiful Day City Life Moments Enjoying Life Photographing Flower Window Purple House Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Lavender Colored Flowering Plant Lilac Blossom Plant Life Lavender Blooming Flowerbed In Bloom
'CHILLAXING' Moments Streetphotography Oslo 2018 Summertime House Tranquility Sunset Mood Afternoon Urban Urbex City Life Sunny Beautiful Day Animal Enjoying Life Cat Relaxation Lying Down Close-up At Home Pets Pet Bed Domestic Animals Adult Animal Domestic Cat
'SEEING SOMETHING ..' B&w Cute Moments City Life Beautiful Day Photographing Oslo 2018 Pets Sitting Domestic Cat Dog Cat Home Adult Animal Animal Face Carnivora
'CUTIFUL' 2018 Oslo Beautiful Pets Sitting Portrait Domestic Cat Feline Animal Themes Stray Animal Whisker Persian Cat  Cat At Home Domestic Animals Yellow Eyes Animal Face
',Colored Grey Area' Vision Tunnel Passing Over Passing Through Passover Subway Station Train Station Walk Over Bridge Hidden Structure Towards The Train Passage Underground Train Station Built Structure Urbex Streetphotography City Life Moments Photographing Oslo 2018
'SMARTEST DUCK In Oslo' Summertime Enjoying Life Showering Duck Oslo Streetphotography Water Urban Urbex Sunshine Moments Tranquility Sunny City Blue Sky Lovely Oslo 2018 Beautiful Day City Life Photographing Duck Bird Cute Fountain Summer 2018
'TUNNEL ~ VISION' Urban Urbex EyeEm Selects Mood Oslo 2018 Full Length Tunnel Modern Architecture Built Structure Underground Walkway Ceiling Light  Railroad Station Subway Underground vanishing point Diminishing Perspective
' BirdKINGstokes'' 2018 Birds Tranquility Watching Cute Mood Cityscape City Streetlights Sunset Sundown Afternoon Urban Urbex Beautiful Day City Life Sunny Sunshine Summertime Summer Oslo Outdoors Birds LoveAdove Dove Pigeon Silhouette Close-up Sky
'AT THE END OF THE DAY ..' Urban Urbex City Life Photographing Oslo 2018 EyeEm Selects Multi Colored Fish-eye Lens Corridor Tunnel Subway Train Architecture Built Structure Underground Walkway Underground Light At The End Of The Tunnel Pedestrian Walkway Elevated Walkway Subway Archway Archway Archway Covered Bridge Subway Station vanishing point Diminishing Perspective Walkway Ceiling Light
'MY KING, MY KING ..!' King Beautiful Day Tranquility Home Mood Afternoon Sundown Urban City Life Moments Enjoying Life Photographing Oslo 2018 Waiting For The Swanlings To Hatch Beautiful Old Faithful Pond Swan Water Bird White Swan Calm
'SMELL OF SUMMER' Oslo 2018 Streetphotography Summertime Trees And Sky Urban Sunny Beautiful Day Photographing Flower Flowers Flower Head Branch Leaf Close-up Plant In Bloom Blossom Blooming Petal Botany Cosmos Flower
'TROPICAL OSLO' Trees Tree Water Sky
'Baby Leaves' Oslo 2018 Spring Mood Urban Streetphotography Branch Change Sky Close-up Leaves Delicate Relaxing Moments Growing Twig Blooming
'HEARTBEAT' 2018 Oslo Cityscape Urbex Urbanphotography Urban Street Streetphotography Children Kids Sculpture B&w b&w street photography First Springday Frozen Still Ice Tree City Water Weather Condition Statue Sculpted
'My KING' Oslo 2018 Swan Male Beauty In Nature Beautiful Summer Summertime Happy Day Lovely Weather Bird Close-up White Swan Swimming Swimming Animal Water Bird
'REFLECTIONS' Architecture Built Structure Hotel Sunset City Urban Streetphotography Beautiful Day Blue Sky Clouds Trees City Life Photographing Urbex Afternoon Oslo 2018
'Flagday' B&w Built Structure Home Residential Building Afternoon Cityscape Urban Urbex Sunshine City Life Photographing Moments Oslo 2018
'Spring Or Fall, Having LOVE, We Have It ALL ..' Leaves Leaves_collection EyeEm Selects Red Close-up Blooming Fragility Cosmos Flower
Room 2Relax, In The City Chaos .. Springtime Spring Summer Weather Sunshine Sunlight City Cityscape City Life Urban Urbex Streetphotography Oslo 2018 Tree City Architectural Column Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Traditional Building Pavilion Gazebo Sunshade Sun Lounger
Forever Cyclist Sculpture Trees Cityscape Urban Urbex City City Life Oslo 2018 Full Length Bicycle Tree Shadow Urban Scene City Location City Street
'Bird's In The Sky, Summer In The Air' Fountain Water Blue Sky Blue Beautiful Day Springtime Soon Summer Oslo 2018 KJ✨ Bird Water Flying Seagull Sea Bird Spread Wings The Street Photographer - 2018 EyeEm Awards
'ANOTHER KING' In Front Of The Governmental Building' Built Structure Old Architecture Architectural Detail Sculpture Park Streetphotography City Life Beautiful Day Blue Sky Lovely Oslo 2018 KJ✨ City Water Spraying Statue Sculpture History Fountain Sky
'FOUNTAIN OF, KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM' Fountain Fountains Water Tranquility Urbex Streetphotography City Urban Moments City Life Photographing Beautiful Day Sunshine Oslo 2018 KJ✨ Water Close-up Tranquil Scene Urban Scene The Street Photographer - 2018 EyeEm Awards
'KING, The KING ..' KJ✨ Urban Oslo 2018 Oslo Norway KJM Sculpture Sculpted King - Royal Person King Danish Powerful History Historical Historical Monuments City Politics And Government Cityscape Men Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Cloud - Sky Historic Royalty Royal Person Renaissance Male Likeness Tall - High
'FAMOUS Norwegian actress, Wenche Foss' KJ✨ Oslo 2018 Afternoon Beautiful Day Sunny City Life Streetphotography Enjoying Life Urbex Sunshine Photographing Urban Blue Sky Next 2the National Theatre / Oslo Actress Foreverness Forever Remembered Statue Sculpture Standing Historic Monument National Monument Female Likeness Human Representation History
First Day Of Spring, HOPEFULLY ..' Cityscape City Urban Urbex Streetphotography Water Sunshine Sunny Beautiful Day City Life Moments Enjoying Life Photographing Streetphotography Streetlights Blue Sky Lovely Oslo 2018 Fountain Water City Sky Building Exterior Architecture Fountain Flowing Water Splashing High-speed Photography Falling Water Flowing
'LOST IN A SCENE' Streetlights Sign Signs Sunset Sunbeam Rays Mood Sundown Afternoon EyeEm Selects Sunset Silhouette Red Sky Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Atmospheric Mood Moody Sky Cloudscape Scenics Romantic Sky
'SURROUNDED BY TREES' Home Trees Trees And Sky Tranquility Home House Residential Building Residential District Built Structure Treescape Bushes B&w Technology Sky TOWNSCAPE Tranquil Scene Calm Building Exterior
'SYNERGY' Home Built Structure House Sky Architecture Building Residential Building Residential  Building Exterior Residential Structure Exterior Historic
SPRING IS HERE' EyeEm Selects Destruction Breaking Damaged Cracked Misfortune
'WIRED' Home Cute Built Structure House Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Sky
'UNDER MY SKIN' KJ✨ Winter Tree Trees Building Exterior Snow Urban Extreme Weather Cold Winter ❄⛄ Becoming Spring Springtime Lurking waiting game Oslo 2018 Tree Branch City Water Sky Icicle Cold Snow Covered Office Building Treetop Tall - High In Bloom
'ICE & SNOW' Extreme Weather Snow Snowing Oslo Urban KJ✨ City Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Chimney Atmospheric Cold Snowfall Deep Snow Snow Covered
'SNOWTIME' Oslo KJ✨ Urban Extreme Weather Deep Snow Country House Frozen Snowfall TOWNSCAPE Weather
'King Winter's Cape' Winter Wonderland KJ✨ Bare Tree
'Home..' KJ✨ Winter Snow Tree Nature Snow Outside Urban Winter Wonderland Beauty In Nature
‘Nature’s Own Christmas Trees’ #ChristmasLastTillEaster #CloseToTheArcticCircle Nature
‘Branching Out’ #WinterHasCome #Winter #StayingIndoors #LookingOut Nature
‘Winter Home’ Nature
‘Winter Wonderlands..’ #Oslo #Wintertime #Pretty #Beautiful #COLD Nature
‘Winter Wonderland’ Nature
‘Winters Here To Stay..’ Nature
'A FEW DAYS AGO..' EyeEm Selects Tree Sky Cloud - Sky Branch Autumn Nature No People Day Landscape Outdoors Travel Destinations Beauty In Nature Water City Urbex Urban Skyline Fall Beauty Wintertime Urban Nature Freshness Urbexphotography Darker Days Oslo 2017 KJ✨
'JAZZED' EyeEm Selects OLD Furry Berries Focus On Foreground Close-up Day No People Nature Plant Outdoors Beauty In Nature Berries And Leaves Urbexphotography Urban Nature Winter Freshness Freezing ❄ Afternoonlights Darker Days Wintertime Urbex Oslo 2017 KJ✨
'DECAY' EyeEm Selects Focus On Foreground Close-up Outdoors Day No People Winter Snow Nature Snowflake Winter Urban Nature Macro Nature Freezing ❄ Urbexphotography Nature Berries And Leaves Editorial Photography Oslo 2017 Afternoonlights KJ✨
'VILLA Wonka' Day Outdoors No People Bird Building Exterior Sky Architecture Tree Nature Afternoonlights Cloudy Day Urbexphotography Urban Nature Trees And Sky House Home Winter Powder Snow Freezing ❄ Oslo 2017 KJ✨
'Winturbx' Tree Sky Nature Low Angle View Beauty In Nature No People Day Branch Outdoors Winter Bare Tree Bird Snow Clear Sky Fragility Freshness Trees And Sky Trees Urbexphotography Afternoonlights Cloudy Day Urban Nature Low Angle View Oslo 2017 KJ✨
'The White House' Day Tree Outdoors No People Water Sky Nature Close-up Architecture Urban Nature Wintertime Darker Days Cold Beauty In Nature Afternoonlights Home Oslo 2017 Urbexphotography KJ✨
'HANGING ON..' Water No People White Background Day Tree Outdoors Nature Close-up Freshness Leaves Snowing Freezing ❄ Afternoonlights Nature Photography Sky Cold Urban Nature Darker Days Wintertime Oslo 2017 Urban Beauty In Nature Low Angle View Branch KJ✨
'WINTERS BACK' Focus On Foreground No People Branch Seeds Low Angle View Nature Photography Cold Outdoors Day Sky Nature Close-up Afternoonlights Urban Freezing ❄ Oslo 2017 Beauty In Nature Wintertime Darker Days Urban Nature KJ✨
'My Hood 2.' Building Exterior Architecture Built Structure House Outdoors No People Window Sky Tree Day Low Angle View City Neighborhood Home Sweet Home ❤ Urbex Urban Oslo 2017 OldHouseBackyard KJ✨
'My Hood' B&w B&w B&w Street Photography B&W Collections Light&dark Summertime Afternoonlight Building Exterior Built Structure Architecture Low Angle View Outdoors No People Tree Sky Day Nature OLD Home Oslo Building Exterior Built Structure Architecture Low Angle View Outdoors No People TreeSky Day Nature Urban Urbex Home Sweet Home ❤ Oslo 2017 KJ✨
'TinyWildFlower 3.' Flower Petal Pink Color Flower Head Blossom Nature Beauty In Nature Fragility Full Frame Plant Backgrounds Macro Abstract Rose - Flower Botany Pastel Colored Selective Focus Close-up No People Growth Flower Photography Softness Freshness Beauty In Nature Oslo✌ 2017
'TinyWildFlower 2.' Flower Petal Fragility Nature Flower Head Beauty In Nature Rose - Flower Pink Color Full Frame Blossom Close-up Plant Botany Freshness Softness Backgrounds Growth Macro Peony  Fall Beauty Freshness No People Pastel Colored Beauty In Nature Flower Photography
'TinyWildFlower' Flower Petal Fragility Flower Head Nature Beauty In Nature Full Frame Pink Color Blossom Rose - Flower Backgrounds Close-up Softness Abstract Pastel Colored Macro Plant No People Growth Freshness Fall Beauty Oslo✌ 2017 KJ✨
'Hidden Home, Sort Of..' Tree Nature Sky Outdoors Growth Day No People Summer Days Home Oslo Streets Afternoon Light URBex Oslo Urban Oslo✌ 2017 BeautifulUrbex Eyeem Weather Is Perfect Summer Trees Season  KJ✨
'Home Is Where The Heart Is' Sky Cloud - Sky Building Exterior Architecture Outdoors Low Angle View Built Structure No People Day Tree Nature Bird Summer Weather Is Perfect Urbex Eyeem Urban URBex Oslo Oslo✌ 2017 Oslo Streets Home Afternoon Light Summer Days 4seasons Beautiful KJ✨
'SUMMERTIME' Nature Plant No People Uncultivated Close-up Beauty In Nature Day Outdoors Freshness Multi Colored Flower Fragility Natural Parkland Nature Photography Beauty In Nature Wild Flowers Oslo✌ 2017 KJ✨
'TinyWildFlowers...' #Beautiful #Summertime #Oslo #KJ✨ Nature Photography
'Mr.Bee 🐝 & TinyBugz' Insect Animal Themes Animals In The Wild Leaf One Animal Green Color Plant Animal Wildlife Nature No People Day Outdoors Close-up Growth Beauty In Nature Oslo✌ 2017 KJ✨
'Sharing A Raspberry Bush..!' Bugs Leaves Bee 🐝 Plant Raspberries Urbannature Urban Summer Beauty In Nature Outdoors Urbex Eyeem Nature Photography No People Insect Oslo✌ 2017 KJ✨
'Green Eyes' Close-up
'Flying In The Wind' No People Fragility Outdoors Nature Close-up Day Flower Freshness Urban Nature Beauty Urbex Eyeem Oslo✌ 2017 Seeds Photography Seeds Nature Photography Beauty In Nature Plant Summer Urban Nature KJ✨
'Letting Go' No People Fragility Outdoors Nature Close-up Day Flower Freshness Summer Beauty In Nature Plant Seeds Photography Seeds Oslo✌ 2017 Urban Nature Photography Urban Nature Beauty Urban Nature Urbex Eyeem KJ✨
'Ms Butterfly 2. Insect' Butterfly - Insect Nature Animals In The Wild Plant Flower Animal Wildlife Fragility Animal Themes No People One Animal Beauty In Nature Outdoors Close-up Spread Wings Beauty Perching Day Freshness Flower Head Summer Nature KJ✨
'Ms. Butterfly' Insect Animals In The Wild Animal Themes One Animal Focus On Foreground Butterfly - Insect Animal Wildlife No People Nature Day Outdoors Plant Close-up Leaf Full Length Perching Fragility Summer Oslo✌ 2017 KJ✨
'I 💗 Oslo' Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Blue Outdoors Travel Destinations History Church Tree Day Building Exterior No People Clock Tower Clock City Oslo Main Church Clock Face Landmarkbuildings Oslo✌ 2017 Scenics Summer KJ✨
'Reminiscing..' Tree Nature Sky Low Angle View Growth Outdoors Pinaceae Green Color Day Cloud - Sky No People Blue Forest Beauty In Nature Scenics Branch Nature Photography Summer ADMIRING Reminiscing Looking Up Oslo2016✨ Tree Area Beauty In Nature Hugatree
'Reminiscing, Again..' Tree Sky Hugatree Nature Pinaceae Cloud - Sky ForestNo People Day Outdoors Beauty In Nature Tree Area Close-up Nature Pinaceae Looking Up ADMIRING Reminiscing Oslo2016✨ Oslo✌ 2017 Summer Nature Photography KJ✨
'Grand Theft Food's' Bird Animal Themes Animals In The Wild Animal Wildlife Outdoors Shadow High Angle View Sunlight One Animal Day Grass Nature No People Spread Wings Beauty In Nature Perching Seagull Summertime 🌞 Nature Photography Oslo2016✨ Oslo 2017 KJ✨ Reminiscing Beautiful Nature
'Last Summer' Animal Themes Animals In The Wild Grass Bird Field Day Animal Wildlife Outdoors Nature No People Water Canadageese Seagull 2Birds Coexisting Coexistence Nature Beauty In Nature Urban Nature Photography Beautiful Nature Reminiscing Summertime 🌞 Oslo 2017 KJ✨