Karen Sakashita


From Japan. post photos which inspired me and wanna share that with people out there:)
Dessert Cake Mont Blanc Cake Table Indoors  Food And Drink Still Life Plate No People Drink Sweet Food Food
Random Sky Silhouette Sky Sunset Sun Scenics Nature Tranquil Scene Outdoors No People Beauty In Nature Landscape
Human Hand Holding Close-up Photo Art Myartwork Resin Art Resin Contact Lens Hand London
Lines of Coke cans In A Row Red Indoors  Close-up Coke Cocacola Coke Cans Fine Art Art Myartwork Interesting Loveart Photo London
Red Indoors  Art Coke Cans Cocacola Myartwork Loveart Photo London Fine Art
White Background Close-up Heart Resin Resin Art Myartwork Loveart Art
Sea Life Jellyfish Water Floating In Water Close-up Interesting Aquarium
Close-up Technology Light Tate Britain Indoors  Gallery Art London Complexity Interesting
Edinburgh Scott Monument Architecture History Built Structure City Day Blackandwhite
Edinburgh History Travel Architecture Tourism Blackandwhite Photo Camera
Edinburgh Hill Sunset Sun Light Sunshine Nature Sky Beauty In Nature
Close-up Resin Resin Art Art ArtWork Myartwork Fine Art Contact Lens
Reflection Aftertherain Sunlight Beautiful Day Water Interesting
Recent art work Art Myartwork Indoors  Installation Trashbags 1000papercrane Papercranes Film Projection
Close-up Ballpool Ballpit Childhood Indoors  People
Papercranes Street Leaving Public Outdoors Artworks Multi Colored Day Close-up
Architecture Church Cambridge Beautiful People Outdoors Tree Sky
Human Leg Shelf Bookshelf Art Shoes
TeamLab London Pacegallery People Standing Exhibition Interesting Art Inspirations
Blue Sky Clear Sky Whereareyougoingpeople Airplane Vapor Trail Contrail
Bubbles Bubble Close-up Gel Myartwork Experimentation Fine Art TateModern Tateexchange
1000 paper cranes Paper Papercranes 1000 Myartwork Fine Art WorkingProgress TateModern Tateexchange
Sunset Ocean Brighton Pier Sky Beauty In Nature Uk
Sun Sunshine Beautiful Morning Uk London
Myself Myartwork Art Fine Art Human Papers Texts  Facebook TalkingToMyself
Marble Reflection Me Blue Art Fine Art
The Drive Toairport Sitting Family Journey Highway Sunrise Morning Beforemyflight
Snap A Stranger Inthegallery Gagosiangallery Man Who Are You ? Light Colour Sculpture Art
Light And Reflection Food And Drink Plate Close-up Sunshine
Self portrait Myself Myartwork Selfportrait Marble Mirror Art Fine Art
Inside a sink Myartwork Myself Selfportrait Art Sink Human Fine Art
Shoe on the street London Shoe Menversioncinderella Funny
Maximum Closeness Art Fine Art TateBritain TurnerPrize Inspirations
White Background Myartwork Art Fineart Creativity Painting Collage Blue Human Figure
One Person People Fineart Bathroom Art Installation Myartwork Loveart Inspiraton Blackandwhite Modern Creativity
Title: Suffering Date:19/10/2016 Creativity Installation Myartwork Art Bathroom Fineart
Monochrome Photography Dark Geometric Shape Art Gallery
Art Myartwork Water Painting Process Loveart
Light - Natural Phenomenon Dark Inspiraton Sculpture Art Gallery London
Art Sculpture London Creativity YayoiKusama Inspiraton Love
Jeff Koon Art Sculpture Gallery London Inspiraton
🌈 Knife And Fork Small Rainbow
Text Illuminated Red Vibrant Color Dark Inspiraton Art 宇宙と美術展 Japan Museum
∞ 宇宙と美術展 Modern Geometric Shape Art Inspiraton Museum
建仁寺 Art Kyoto Kenninji Temple Japan Temple - Building Dragon
Yayoi Kusama's work YayoiKusama Yellow Pumpkin Creativity Vibrant Color Art
Cambridge Cambridge England Architecture Water Sun
The Color Of School
Kenninji Temple Kyoto Japanese Garden Green Color Architecture Garden
Nara Sculpture Art Religion Temple - Building History Nara,Japan Todaiji