Kanhaiya Gupta


Mumbai's sunset
My photography - can anyone guess what is it..
Never seen winter season like this in mumbai...... XP
High in the Sky...
Edmiring sunset......
May god bless me....
Top of the mountain feeling exited
At bhutan
Mountain climbing at the top of mountain....... In Bhutan...... Awesome country
At Matheran - watching sunset
Matheran's lake...
chadti lahre rang na paye..... Kyu hafti si naav hai teri naav... NEVER GIVE UP.
Unknown lake at matheran mountain....
Up up and Away .....
My Amazing Childhood...
Sky is the Limit
Mumbai 's Sunset Photography
Clicked .... Flying Cloud ....
sometimes Living Alone is better than with haters..
Mumbai 's rare After Sunset Climate ..... Never seen such a climate.... Photographed by me.
Feels like she will come out from the cage n kill me
There is Infinité Benefits that Nature gives the olny thing is we Humans dont really understand..
Macro mode Photography Jeans ..
Admire the Power of Sun
Sometimes u have to Fight Alone to prove that... U Nevergiveup
Photography Very Rare white Crow found in the mountains of india.
Cat Mom Live Hunting in front of my eyes for his Child
Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky
Awesome Mumbai Climate
Mumbai people never stop Enjoying the Awesome Rainy Climate
Mumbai Climate
Skyporn Sky_painting
So...What! Attitude Click
Sometimes it is better to walk alone rather than waiting for someone how will never come Heartbreak
Good evening...guys
Watching the world unfold.......
Sikkim I have never seen such a beutiful place in my life . Sikkim Is really a heaven. The climate , food , people where awesome..
A path made at top of the mountain Sikkim awesome creation..
Lonavala. ...heaven. ...
A new born baby Cat at my friends house Wild . She is very intelligent and Cute
Sikkim ♡
Way to Lonavala ....
Lonavala unbelievable Climate
Ma Pet Cats
Photography @ midnight in Lonavala
Chennai needs ur help Rangoli Handmade Sandart
Shades of the sea Bandstand
I want to read minds that unlock the traffic jam in every body's head. Trafficjam Winter Mumbai MyClick
Wanna crab this sky..!!!!
Lonely junkyard...
Sunset Photographyislifee MyClick
Nature MyClick
The Sun is such a lonely star. Whenever he comes out to see his friends, they all disappear. Sun Photographyislifee MyClick
Photography Photographyislifee MyClick
Gateway of india Photographyislifee Morningclick MyClick
Focus focus focus Photographyislifee Photography MyClick
Lonely window... Lonely Window Photographyislifee Photography MyClick Creative
Awesome Sunset Sunset Mumbai Photographyislifee Photography MyClick
First Eyeem Photo