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Ooop. He mad hahaha
Hanging Out
Little brother holding baby cousin Jayden.
Hanging Out
Three more days. Till my birthday. Can't wait. Wish it could hurry up. Lol wanna party.
Look at Wat I got for my baby. Hope she'll like this one.
Watching Christmas movies last night wit this lil man right here.
Hanging Out
I'm gonna do this
These to kids right here. They did really great at last night's play. Good job. Love you guys.
Taking Photos
I'm still alive. I'm going to a party. Today. Lol swear they said the world was gonna end. Yeah right!!!
Check This Out
Just look at him. Lol his smile is... Well little scary
We silly. Yeah me n my lil brother at da doctors n I guess I can still font in da playground