Colorful pants to the max!! ;)
Lazy Saturday selfie. If you can't keep up, just chill and get no wrinkles... ;)
Friday selfie!!! Thank God for weekends! :)
Because they are the cutest monsters ever...
On Daddy's watch. Loveourcats
Man & his wife ...JapaneseArt
Stickman on ground...JapaneseArt
Spectrum of colors...
Takaw lang sa Milk!!! Hindi kasama si Lukaz...Lol! ;)
Introducing Lukaz and Lucy's smallest kuting... :)
Good Friday Veneration of the Cross. St. James the Great Parish Alabang.
Koochie Koochie Koo! :)
You got a freakin problem with selfies?! !
Horsing around in Baguio. :)
Fun weekend in Baguio. :)
Here's looking at yah! ;)
Fun, fun time in Bukidnon with the guys. :)
Flowers of summer... Malaybalay
Daddy Lukaz looking over Mommy Lucy and kittens...
Selfie muna ")
If only I was a Rockstar... Boom! ")
Vin, back in Tokyo. Waddup! ;)
Dancing fountain at the Aura.
The Makati Skyline from the Gramercy. Awesome view!
Our favorite Koi is still busy swimming around with his pals.
Sunset from a distance. Still gorgeous. ")
25 minutes to 2014!!!!
Christmas eve at the Peninsula Ourfirsttime :)
Mag Christmas break muna tayo at selfie din pag may time ;)
It's beginning to look like Christmas here in Ayala ")
Attack of the Giant Lukaz! ")
It's a snowman christmas. ")
Excited... Game on! ")
Nagpapaesteeg lang with the future bride. ")
It's a merry red Christmas in ASC ")
Me against the machine...
Don't make me angry. ")
Philippine blow fish... ")
Monkey, monkey... ")
Zuma returns! ;)
Mushroom on the loose!
Zombie attack!!!
Blonde is in again!
Gold is in again. ;)
Choi hearts the world too. ;)