John V. Keogh


I like books, Hawkwind, art, dark chocolate, sf, Marmite on toast, beer, purple, music, beetroot, photography, cinema, fountain pens, design
Max needs encouragement Dog Walking Around Cute
Post-apocalyptic Ogle-Reliant Scimitar #urban #decay Nature Red Car London Street
Pelikan 120 type II. A fine nib. Pen Writing Macro Fountainpen
Morning all! A salmon sky in Barnet - well nearly Sunny Day Summer Barnet Garden
The missing chimney mystery
Enfield Market London
Cartoon Halftone London
Sparko Max. 40 winks. Old photo I found in the Mobile Monet app. Dog Sleeping Cute Pets
A tree is blown over on our lovely green #Barnet Mansfield Ave/Verdon Crescent Trees Nature London Sunny Day
I love this Pen nib Writing Cafe Stationery
Pilot G-TEC-C4 Pen Writing Macro Stationery
On guard Horror Shopping
Stephen's Fountain Pen Ink No. 120: Mauve. Pen Fountainpen Ink Stationery
One is all TWSBI'ed up. Photo processed with Archaic and Photos (transfer filter) apps. Pen Fountainpen Wood Writing
From 'Contrasts' BBC 1, 31/1/68. Poetry Life Writing Lettering
Sigourney Woman Film Television Tv
New Lamy Al-Star CopperOrange fountain pen is very orange. Pen Writing Orange Fountainpen
New fountain Pen acquisition worn with pride! Badge Pin
Street life #cat
It is being like an #nurse in the tablet mode.
East Barnet
I got a working fountain pen with a music nib on eBay for £12.25.
Sunset over East Barnet
Just inked up the Pilot Custom Black Stripe.
Senator 47 Krome Extra Fine nib. My new favourite fountain pen. #Easy-Macro
Sun's out today! East #Barnet #London
I am Ian Beano, formerly of Music for Ferries.
#ice #crystals on the car this morning
Pilot G-Tec #ProCamera Pen
Urban Decay Behind the shops London Hipstamatic
Ceding the throne Cat ?
Blue Whetstone #London
Papaver Flowers Flowerporn IPSFlowers
Gerbera Flowers Flowerporn IPSFlowers
Roses for Seurat. Tomb of the great artist at Pere Lachaise. Flowers IPSFlowers Hipstamatic
These are Flowers Hipstamatic IPSFlowers
Vase of Flowers made with qbro app. IPSFlowers
RHS BBC The Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show, from the BBC TV coverage. (photo of TV image) Flowers Flowerporn IPSFlowers Hipstamatic
Autumn Fall Trees a tree in my street. Barnet London
Cafe High Barnet London Yellow
Weybridge (via Percolator, Photoforge 2 and Instagram.) Map
Surbiton #railway #station
Harry F Rochat Ltd., High Barnet. #London #Herts
Last fuchsia. Plants Flowerporn Flowers Nature
Looking at London Cityscapes Black & White Alexandrapalace
Max at Trent Park. Dog London IPSLow Cockerspaniel
Underpass. Subway under the tracks, from Cromer Road Open Space to Victoria Recreation Ground. Steps Stairs IPSLow
The Monument, London. Stairs IPSLow London Hipstamatic Dreamcanvas film.
Stair Master. Max arrives home after the rain. London Dog Stairs
Max rules Kenwood. Dog London iPhone 4 camera app and Instagram IPSLow
Mystery shopper Hipstamatic Big Up Film John S Lens IPSLow
Morning mist. Céilí (pron. Kayleigh) the lovely Tsang Apso. Dog Animals IPSSpace
See you at 5:30 am. Hipstamatic Blanko Film Dog IPSSpace Yoona Lens
Max in the comfortable hallway. House Dog Animals IPSSpace
Trapped mouse. Animals House Home IPSSpace they like peanut butter!
House Behind the radiator. Dust and cobwebs. Home Sweet Home IPSSpace
The Salvador lens has changed Moorgate Underground into the Orac computer. Hipstamatic Salvador84 Spiral Staircase IPSAbstract
J-reg Scimitar. Car Red Urban Decay Abandoned
Fashionable Finchley Central. Ballards Lane through a patterned window painted in Waterlogue Abstract IPSAbstract
Laundrette craquelure. Yellow Instagram IPSAbstract
Underpass wall. Covered Graffiti Abstract IPSAbstract
Angel Reflection halo Window IPSAbstract
Sump Oil. Installation by Richard Wilson at the Saatchi Gallery. Art Black & White IPSAbstract
New growth. Hipstamatic 190. Plant IPSAbstract
Glassy whatnot. Made with Lenses app on iPhone 4. Symmetry IPSAbstract
Fish shop floor. Footprint taken with the new multiple exposure kit in Hipstamatic. One image is dominating here. I tried changing the lens/film between shots as if it wasn't random enough. Tiles IPSAbstract
London Tube IPSAbstract Cctv
Unbowed Tree Branches
Home Sweet Home furnishing the house Book Books ♥ Books
114 for 7. Cricket London
Matisse Art London
Shopping London Woman IPSLow Edmonton IKEA.
No fuchsia. Plant Flower Dead Dead Flowers
Going down. Steps Water Reflection
Arum maculatum. Plant Woods Red
Notes From The Underground Public Transportation Travel London
Max at Coffee Culture. Dog Barnet London Portrait
Max on Hadley Green. Dog London Barnet Park via Color Thief and EyeEm Eva.
Avenue House, now called Stephen's House. Tree Colour London IPSFall
Oak Hill Wood. Tree Woods IPSTrees Leaf ?
Espe and Max again. London Barnet Woman Dog
¡Vamos Colombia ! Espe points at James Rodriguez. Copa Del Mundo
Impending storm. London Hampstead  Park IPSTrees
Brewery Pond on Hadley Green. Barnet Park London IPSSky
Kenwood House London Hampstead  IPSSky Park
Flowers at Oak Hill Park, Barnet. Barnet Park Walking Around Triffid
Solitary sofa Park Tree
Max in the sunshine after the rain. Dog London Barnet
Cricket in the rain London Cockfosters
Chelsea London Espe looking a bit like Tamsin Greig. #Hipstamatic #Tinto1884 #Inas1969
Max is here! #dog #Chelsea #Hipstamatic #Sergio #Dylan Dog London Chelsea
Marylebone Flyover. London Building Sky IPSSky Hipstamatic
I watched QI last night. Handwriting  Writing
Oak Hill Wood London Hertfordshire Tree Tree Porn
Eyes on the Moon Night Sky Black London
Turtles on a log in the pond. Animals London Water Hertfordshire
Pond teeming with life Cockfosters Barnet Enfield
Esperanza and Max. London landmarks in the distance. Woman Dog IPSEmotions
All the cares of the world. Woman screenshot edited in Photogene and Popsicolor. Misery Sad IPSEmotions