21 year old Native American girl sharing her photos from all around her home in WA, USA and wherever else life has decided to take her!
Sorry! I've been working on another project I threw myself at and have yet to regain balance with everything else in life Enjoying The Rain Drops Wet Cold Lovely Weather I Don't Mind The Rain
Happy 1st!! December Snowman Poinsettia Winter Holly Jolly
I'm sorry I was gone for so long!! Spring Has Sprung Going For A Stroll Pink Blooming
Visited an antique shop! Leonie Skull Antiques Saddle Up
I just got them today! Christmas Presents  Birthday Presents Thankful Loved
Happy Holidays! Stay warm and cherish the people you love! Snowflake Lights Nature
Dear EyeEm friends, I miss you all dearly. I haven't posted photos recently, and sadly, might not be. I have a passion for photography, not only taking photos, but also looking at all of yours. The new red badge I have is for my new employment at casino, while also keeping my job at a department store. So, for now, work comes first. I hope to find a balance between everything. I hope to return soon, and keep in the company of all the amazing talent here :) Take care everyone!
Just close your eyes, you'll be alright, no one can hurt you now Everyday Lives Portrait Black And White I Love You
Something can seem beautiful and lovely, but there's sometimes another dark and sinister side unknown to most Red Roses Dark Photography Gruesome Hidden
River View Sunshine Warming Up Great Outdoors
My kitty! EyeEm Never Will Give Me A Prize For This Shot, But It's Pretty Cool For Me! Buttercup Outdoors Colorful
Experimenting Leonie Filter Trees Nature Editing
I apologize if you have just gotten a notification that I am following you again. It's best for me to try and start over in EyeEm because it was so hard for me to keep up with all the photos. Back To The Begining My Hometown Mural Starting Over
Lounging around Lazy Kitty At Home Relaxing
Where is all the snow at!? December Let It Snow Landscape Bare Blue Skies
Let's Celebrate Ourselves  Sometimes it's easy to look at ourselves and think of all the things we are not. But, today, let's celebrate all the things about ourselves that are wonderful, because we're all beautiful people!!
I think of you fondly every time I see our love in nature Saturation Flowers Red And Pink My Love For You
New camera packs! Blue Skies Horizon Sunshine
Out and about! Berries Branches Wintertime Light Leak
Guess who I found on my pillow this morning! Buttercup Cat Nap Kitty Laying In Bed