Freeze the world to keep her alive. Burn her with your lens to make it last.
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Low angle view of cables against clear sky
Low angle view of skylight in building
Residential buildings
Close-up portrait of dog
Close-up of strawberry
Silhouette tree against sky during sunset
Close-up of illuminated christmas lights
Close-up of christmas decoration
Close-up of piano
Close-up of christmas lights
View of illuminated warehouse
View of illuminated city at night during winter
Bicycles in front of a building
Close-up of bird perching on retaining wall
Close-up of person
View of clock tower at night
Close up of palm leaves
Cars moving on street at dusk
Close-up of green leaf
Trees on grassy field against sky at sunset
Close-up of drink in jar
Close-up of fresh flowers blooming in field
Bicycles on cart in city
Close-up of red flower
High angle view of city street at night
Low angle view of historic building
Vehicles on street at night
High angle view of noodles in bowl
City street at sunset
View of historic building
View of built structure
Canal amidst buildings against sky
Trees in park
Low angle view of historic building
Illuminated railroad station
Close-up of hand holding illuminated lamp
City skyline against sky
Buildings in city
View of cathedral against cloudy sky
Modern building seen through window
Interior of empty subway
Low angle view of office building
View of water flowing through rocks
Low angle view of modern building
Close-up of fruits over white background
Group of people in shopping mall
Close-up of ice cream
Close-up of object over white background