I'm from Japan, Okayama city. Taking photos is one of my hobbies. iPhone only.
Weeping cherries and goats Blossom Beauty In Nature
7,5,3 yrs old kids are cereblated in shrine. 七五三 Okayama
Ultimate Japan female sumo wrestling
Cat Kitty Neko
Ending of cherry blossoms.
Monochrome Photography OSAKA 道頓堀 Osaka,Japan
Ruifang, Taiwan . 瑞芳駅近く。台灣。 Taiwan Ruifang
Cherry Blossoms Sakura
Cherry blossom season Cherryblossom Sakura
Dōtonbori 道頓堀 OSAKA
Jifen in Taiwan. 九份。 Taiwan
Cherry blossoms Cherry Blossoms Sakura
Guest house [lit] in Uno, Tamano city, Okayama, Japan. It's over 100yrs old house.
A cat is watching us. Cat Kitty Neko
Coffee time