Julius Ryan Pronto


Gave my phone a new look today ?
Pepsi flavored Cheetos ???
Found this fancy dessert bar in Nampo-dong. They have cronuts, conuts (whatever the hell those are), and organic frozen goods!
I want the legit Android 4.4 update already! But for now I can live with this ?
Energize me! ?
Thanks new roomie @jubeebs ?
"Por mi vida feliz"
Out all day with @dwaejibak! Next time ka na muna @jubeebs ?
Can you see the halo? ?
Because tomorrow is Valentine's Day, here's me riding a roller coaster alone, without a seatmate ? TBT
Shine bright like the Diamond Bridge ?
Yaaaay finally a snow selfie ?
Love my new @urbanistalife earphones!
Mapagpatol ?
I kinda like Dongbaek.
Yeah, eating here made me forget that I am in Korea. Or I just wanted to think that lol
@jubeebs and I totally pulled off that birthday surprise for @dwaejibak ? ?
Huwaw thank you @mafiagarsha and @jubeebs sarap neto ?
Mitsuyado, Classic Confections, and karaoke with these 2. Thanks for seeing me yesterday!!! Sa 2015 ulit haha!
Nono's Chocolate Oblivion from Classic Confections. One of the best and sweetest cakes I've tasted so far!
Just left Seoul! Can't wait to go home for Christmas! ? 2 days at the airport tho cos Broke
It finally snowed in Busan! ?
Goodbye KAIST. Goodbye Daejeon. Thanks for the great food selection and my first snow experience.
Little ball of fur
Bacon Burger! Sure had a lot of bacon today.
Dinner at Play Burger I am really going to miss the food in Daejeon ?
First sight of snow! ?
Not a selfie. Hihi
Pad thai!
Ready for surgery. I hope. ?
Timber wolf
Asiatic black bear
Korean wolf
European white stork
Polar bear
Eurasian black vulture
Grizzly bear
Mandarin duck
Went to the zoo today! I've finally seen a sloth but it was sleeping :'(
Labmate gave everyone homemade peppero!
Back in Gaegeum after a fun weekend. Balik buhay zombie. ?
Peppero day is near!
Kinda awesome to be able to experience all the 4 seasons on my first year in Korea. Now, winter is almost coming! Yay snow hahaha!
Til we meet again, autumn.
Buril Waterfalls, Jirisan National Park
On our descent from Buril waterfalls, a group of women and a monk offered us fruits, tonkatsu kimbap, and the famous Hadong green tea.
Definitely one of my highest and happiest points in life :)