Juergen Buergin


Urban photographer from Berlin, juergenbuergin.com. Order my photo book Urban Fever on my website!
Booklaunch soon on September 23, 6pm at Galerie im Saalbau in Berlin Neukölln - or you simply order your copy on my website www.juergenbuergin.com - Photobook Selfpublishing
Join our Vietnam adventure at my photo exhibition at Wirkungskreis, Weisestr. 36, 12049 Berlin Neukölln, June 24-26 at arts festival 48 Stunden Neukölln! Check This Out
Preparing for the Berlin Photography group exhibition at Carpentier Galerie in Berlin. Opening is on April 3rd, 7pm! Berlinart Marathon
If you like to see my exhibition in Berlin and buy some prints tell me or contact my gallery seifert-lardon.com! Charlottenburg  Buyart Gallery
Elena Wood in handpainted art by Juliana Lazzaro. Newyork NYC Eastvillage
Orange, France 2014. Orange France Provence provence
Berlin Streetphotography 2013
Two more weeks to see my photography exhibition 'Das Glück in großen Städten' at Galerie Lardon in Ahrenshoop! On April 18th I'll be in the gallery from 2 - 4pm. Looking forward to see you! Ostsee Darß
Framing my prints for the opening of my photography exhibition in Ahrenshoop tomorrow March 7th 7pm at Galerie Lardon! Darss Ostsee
Ahrenshoop an der Ostsee diesen Freitag, den 7. März, 19 Uhr: Vernissage meiner Ausstellung in der Galerie Lardon, Weg zum Kiel 16, Ahrenshoop. Ich freue mich auf euch! Darß Rostock
Nur noch wenige Tage bis zur Eröffnung meiner Ausstellung in Ahrenshoop! Ich möchte euch herzlich zur Vernissage am 7.3. um 19 Uhr in die Galerie Lardon, Weg zum Kiel 16, Ahrenshoop einladen! Darß Ostsee Rostock
One week to go to the opening of my photography exhibition in Ahrenshoop - March 7th 7pm, Galerie Lardon, Weg zum Kiel 16, Ahrenshoop. Looking forward to see you! Ahrenshoop Ostsee Rostock
I'm happy to invite you to the opening of my photography exhibitition 'Vom Glück in großen Städten' in Ahrenshoop on March 7th 7pm. Galerie Lardon, Weg zum Kiel 16, 18347 Ahrenshoop-Niehagen. Darss Ostsee Balticsea #rostock
Concert. Berlin 2013.
Four of my new photos on "Big in Berlin on www.mitvergnuegen.com - check it out! Berlin Zombiewalk
Kyoto 2012. Street Photography Streetphotography Japan
Photo: Newyorkcity 2013. NYC
Berlin Marathon now! This photo is from 2011.
New York girl. 2012. NYC
Newyorkcity 2013. NYC
Berlin 2013
Newyorkcity 2013 NYC Street Photography
Shanghai China Street Photography
Newyorkcity Newyork Color Portrait
Tokyo Rockabilly. Tokyo Japan
Shanghai Love 2012.
Tokyo 2013. Shibuya crossing.
Baltic Sea. Rostock 2013.
In her thoughts. Newyork Subway 2013
New York 2012. Newyorkcity Woman
Shanghai 2012
Chicago 2012.
New York 2011. Newyorkcity The Singer New York
Photo: Shanghai cyclist. 2012. Street Photography Shanghai
Photo: Ahrenshoop, Darß. Ahrenshoop Beach Rain
Newyorkcity 2011
Tokyo. Shibuya Crossing. Street Photography Woman Japan Rain
New York 2011 Street Photography Streetphotography New York Newyorkcity
Photo: London 2010. Street Photography London Taking Photos Taking Photos
Berlin 2010. Street Photography Berlin Photography Cityscapes
Chicago 2011 Night Lights Streetphotography Chicago Night
New York 2013 New York Streetphotography NYC Newyorkcity
Berlin 2012 Berlin Streetphotography Street Photography
Statue of Liberty. NYC 2011 New York Fotografie Photography
Maxi. Portrait. Berlin 2011. Woman Portrait Berlin
New York 2012 Woman Streetphotography Photography New York
Tokyo 2012 Street Photography Japan Shibuya Woman