I'm obviously the most fun. Excellent wedding! Congrats cous. Phuandlilly
Reunited and it feels so good.
The guys and the bride.
On that Final Fantasy time.
Thugachu shall return. TBT  Freaknight2015 Onesiesgametoostrong
Let the collection begin. Thanks @the_pomp_official for the awesome reviews. WeLoveThePomp Pomade
Hang over cure of the gods. Jam Food Goodnessoverload
A little too much to drink... Noregrets Someregrets Friends Drunk
Spin the pen shots. Shots Alcohol Friends
My favorite ice cream place in Vancouver. Glenburn Icecream Yum
Baked tapioca pudding, Vancouver dim sum too good. Dimsum Food
That prime rib though. Thekeg Beef Food
Monday-Friday, chest and biceps only. Broscience Bodyfat99 % Uaware Whowaslegs
Eat, drink, sleep. Repeat. Selfie Drunk Duckfacechamps
That butter beef though. Phnompenh Fatlife Food Foodporn
First time at the buffet on the ferry, pretty good not gonna lie. Food Fatlife .
New phone! Oneplusone Opo NeverSettle
Brb guys, gonna go fight some aliens. Yyj Airplane Independenceday
Lil cousin too cute. Famjam
Lil cousin made me a bracelet. Kids KAWAII
Crashed someone else's wedding! Wedding Crashers
Gentleman's selfie. Selfie
Decisions decisions... Rolex MOVADO Jkimbroke
3 for me, none for you! Steak BBQ Food
Must be Jam cause jelly don't shake like that. Foodporn Notsharing
Feeling roasted Pig Oink
Kokanee, Grey goose, and Camus. Today we drink. Pouritup Sippin Family .
TBT  S Naw-m-sayin?
Armin intense, Van city. My body is ready. Armin Edm
Beer Friends
The stuff they talk about at nail salons... May nguoi ni khong hieu doeeeeeeeee. Vietnamese
Love me some BBQ. Food BBQ .
123456, it's been a good ride so far. Let's keep it going. FirstCar
415 dl. Slow and steady, any progress is good progress.
Dota2 second place prizes. Better luck next year. Dota Gottacon
Ramen! I'm addicted to food...
Vancouver dim sum.
Flappy bird, come at me.
Happy new years!
Korean bbq. Food Yum
Wasn't pretty, but I picked that bitch up. 405lb dl. Gym Progress
That Canadian money. Canada Currency Maplesyrup
Always got food over here.
Brownie sundaes. Dessert Icecream
The only thing I bought on boxing day, 6 air fresheners.
Chef Johnson. Christmas
No. 1 beef noodles.
Get lucky.