Joshua Macura


Dad of three beautiful children. love to look at art, and find fascinating, vibrant things to take a picture of and tell the story within it!
flowersof all
Some huge birds
Kids are having
A beautiful
Having a good
Beautiful glass
The inside or a
Arts sculpture
Beautiful sit
two tone roses
5 way
coloerful food
Buffalo NY city
The Architect -
The moon is up
family dining
Tran full of
Downton buffalo
My doughter is
My doughter is
Winter in
Carnival Crowds
Im looking over
looking through
Reflection off
High Eay of
Beautiful site
A over look of
City Hall of
Tall monument
A young man
Very tall
Looking up at
The open window
Overlook on
My oldist
Snow is
Im holding a
My doughter
Im in a
My two kids and
footstep In the
my baby on a
My baby witht
kids on a ride
train loading
New building
tunnal for
building being
glow up cup!
kids facepaint
Entrence to
Kds being goofy
Bots sitting at
My three kids
Boat on the
My kids feet
Set of grils
Beautiful tree
Flags flapping
Lookng across
Outlook of
Flowers growing
fire works from
fire works from
Wide fire works
white fire
Green fire
4 color fire
fire works from
Green fire works
fire works from
Green ring of
exploding fire
fire works from
fire works for
Red and white
Red and green
My dog miles
Sun flower
Red flower
Rd rose
Red rose
Red rose
Nagitve Red
Group of flowers
Beautiful Flower
Holding flower
Flower, Yellow
Yellow flower.
Close up on a
Close up on a
light Blue

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