Joshua Gilbert

Father, Husband, Veteran, Seattleite. All shots taken with a Google Pixel, 1st Gen (for now). All shots taken in Seattle.
Joshua Gilbert
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Close-up of breakfast
People sitting outdoors
Rear view of woman sitting in city against clear sky
People in illuminated city against clear blue sky at night
Close-up of meat in plate
Chairs and table by cityscape against sky during sunset
Low angle view of tree in autumn
Bicycle parked on sidewalk
Entrance to building
Full frame shot of food
Close-up of insect on leaf
Close-up of buddha statue
Trees in city against sky
Close-up of drink
View of stairs along trees
Close-up of served food in plate
Close-up of statue
Modern cityscape
Bare tree against building
Bicycle in city
View of window
Cute girl sitting on bed at home
Close-up of dry maple leaf during autumn
Close-up of hand holding maple leaf
Illuminated city at night
View of skyscrapers in city
Illuminated purple lights at night
Statue of illuminated sculpture at night
Close-up of text on white wall
Low angle view of illuminated carousel against sky at night
Low angle view of temple
Close-up of illuminated text
Text on sand at beach
Close-up high angle view of leaf
Low angle view of statue against trees
Close-up of smiley face
Close-up of flowers blooming on tree
Red brick wall
Boats moored at harbor
Close-up of text on paper
Close-up of wet airplane against sky
Illuminated road sign against sky in city
Low angle view of windmill against clear blue sky
Bicycles in city at night
Statue of horse at night
Low angle view of statue against sky
Purple flowers blooming on plant
Low angle view of clock tower against sky
Close-up of water drop on green background
High angle view of dessert in plate
Low angle view of bridge against sky in city
View of buildings in city against sky
View of harbor against cloudy sky
Close-up of metallic object over white background
Cranes at construction site against sky
View of glass table in store
Portrait of cute boy smiling
Close-up of baby boy
Low angle view of statue
Close-up of machine against white background
Low angle view of communications tower against blue sky
Close-up of turtle in water
Close-up of metal object against blurred background
Low angle view of bridge against sky in city
Close-up of butterfly on white background
Close up of grass
Full length of girl playing on swing in park
Statue by illuminated city against clear sky
Light trails on road at night
Close-up portrait of man
Statue of indoors
Scenic view of beach against cloudy sky
Modern skyscrapers against clear sky
Close-up of illuminated lamp at night
Multi colored window in temple
Low angle view of illuminated street light against clear sky
Full frame shot of wood
Full length of girl on street against sky in city
Illuminated city against sky at night
Low angle view of illuminated building against sky at night
People in front of building
Bicycles parked on street at night
Close-up portrait of cute baby girl