Jose SanchezEsquivel


bro and I
He's always wearing it.
2nd breakfast
Brief moment of peace, like 10 sec
She didn't wanna move with that couch.
They are trouble!
This is one of the things he does when he's mad at me haha
Found this in the Internet, I thought it was a good quote.
Nice little sand storm with some rain! Haha fun fun fun!
The full length of the room
Our rooms here are very small, and warm. But at least we have a bed and a room.
A few days ago, nice little thunderstorm
Yo my surprise it was good!
Compared to her I look messy as fuck! Haven't slept yet, tired as shit!
Been up all night and most of the day! Tired as shit! Still got until at least noon to be able to sleep.
Well shit....
Another day after a midnight alarm
Chilling watching tv for a bit at the USO
Hahaha very well!
This is the last Friday I get to spend in Cali for a while! Be good to me, and will look forward to another Friday here in Cali!
The parents and the bro, she wasn't too happy to say goodbye.
The mother and my two bros
Last sunset here at home for awhile! A bit sad but onward to bigger things!
The night will be good!