Jonathan Wood


Paddle steamer SS Natchez IX on the Mississippi. Ty James Watt. NOLA
Southern Hospitality as they say. WHO DAT NOLA
Operation Overlord Exhibit. June 6, 1944. Normandy, France. WWII D -Day AmphibiousInvasion LiberatingEurope AtlanticWall Woodapeuro
RATIONING GIVES YOU YOUR FAIR SHARE. WWII Totalwar Foodrationing Propaganda nationalism victorygardens Woodapeuro
Hundred Years' War Upset. Underdog Clutch Witchcraze France Woodapeuro
Crossing another experience off my bucket list. NOLA
Aww yes. Thermapen
You are beautiful. Japadogla Oroshi
It's been a rather full year of adventures in our marriage, but there's still so much more to come. Praise God for teaching us to love like Him. Ggtg Catjonwedding Ontothenext
Rock of Ages No one takes your life Yet you died that I might live Costly grace you freely give Always impressed w Homemade pieces by crafty wife.
1 wife. Sous chef, hostess, designer, decorator, dishwasher, and barista. My success is attributed to your support! Thanks for being my other half. Happy birthday bros @jessecplee & @bobatime2002.
San Diego doing what it does best, 365.
Amazing meal.
The beginnings of a productive Saturday.
Roasted Brussel sprouts w parm.
A rather stressful time last week during my birthday, but I am truly grateful to God who has given me an awesome wife. Marriage is one of life's true treasures. Her crafts never cease to impress me. Craftsmanship  Homemade
Enlightenment Salon 2nd generation. Woodapeuro Philosophes Reason Progress truth daretoknow kant
Old Souk in Bur Dubai. Dubai, UAE. Commerce Nationalism Woodapeuro
Man-made creek between Bur Dubai and Deira. Dubai, UAE.
Tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa. Dubai, UAE.
Rome, IT
Valletta, Malta
Barcelona, ESP
Remembering the good times 6 months ago. Civitavecchia, IT
Short rib with spicy garlic cream sauce over green tea noodles.
Burger and fries. Ghettogourmet
First day of 2013-2014. May Christ receive the highest honor and praise. Proverbs 3:5-6
Fried pork chops w pesto cream
Illuminated Manuscripts. Gold foil for the sacred and divine. Middleages Woodapeuro
The Pentinent (Mary) Magdalene by Titian. High Renaissance-Mannerism Woodapeuro
Pope Clement VII. Oil on slate. Impressive sheen because of the slate. Reformation HighRenaissance Woodapeuro
Early Renaissance altar piece. Catholicism Woodapeuro
Herb risotto on Napa cabbage w grilled chix breast & onions
Minute steak sandwich with whole grilled onions, avocado, dill and aoili mustard spreads on a French roll. Spiced sweet butternut squash.
Great word today I'd like to share with you all. Feel very challenged to comprehend and live out true love. Life is about Bible living not Bible study. How will you love someone today? @catrchang
Welcome! Ideapaint
It ain't a honeymoon till you capture a shameless Selfie at a mid-1600s fortress. Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona . @catrchang
Valletta, Malta . Half way btwn the Straight of Gibraltar and Suez Canal.One of the most bombed places by the Axis Powers during WWII. Added to the British empire after Napoleon's rule. Described as "a city of palaces built by gentlemen for gentlemen" by Benjamin Disraeli . Also where Paul was shipwrecked on his way to Rome. See Acts 28. So much history on a sparsely known speck of an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Fortification Crusades Woodapeuro
Greek Independence (1832) Nationalism Nation -state Woodapeuro
Parthenon at the Acropolis in Athens . Classical Woodapeuro
Old Olympic stadium in Athens .
Columbus Monument. Barcelona Woodapeuro
Barcelona Cathedral in Gothic Quarter. Romanesque Gothic Woodapeuro
Coffee and Cinnamon. Pistachio and Limon, paprika, and cumin.
A must visit if you are ever in Barcelona .
Gelato made right. More appropriately "helado". Barcelona
Function and aestheics become one. Architect and urban landscaping. Park Güell. Barcelona Woodapeuro Modernism
Broken ceramic everything by Gaudi . Park Güell. Barcelona Woodapeuro Modernism
View at Parc Güell. Barcelona
Casa Battlo by Gaudi . Woodapeuro Modernism
Tapas for lunch at cerveseria catalana. Barcelona
Spanish scrambled eggs in memory of barcelona. @catrchang
German Burger King. Transnational Crosscultural Globalization Woodapeuro
Eu Germany Woodapeuro
Tegel Airport. Berlin Woodapeuro
Summer salad grilled chx breast seasoned w cayene pepper. Watermelon, romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a lite strawberry vinaigrette.
Earl gray tea pie w pistachios. Thepiehole
Shrimp Corn Cakes, Poached Eggs, Cilantro Cream Sauce.
Orient decor. Azerbaijan
Amen. JFK
South Asian spices in my BURROTI.
Financial District. 2nd & Mission
It's the travelers at airports that make each visit a different and unique experience.
Multi-ethnic meal. Thai green curry ramen & greek yogurt marinated chix breast.
Enlightenment thinkers salon
I have crazy hair
Test day