Jonathan Lai


places like this reminds me of you... i missed you a lot today.
warm and fuzzy feeling i get when i am with you... i really cannot fully describe in words how much you mean to me...
new filters!!!
I will gladly make meals like this for you forever...
Things I enjoy doing for you:)
Lindsey misses her other daddy :(
One day she has to move out and find a bigger hiding place!
Meet Lindsey!!
Only 2 in the world... And the whole universe!
Meet Freckles
From my baby!!! :) thank you!
Still feeling very depressed even after final submission
Soon to be part of our Pineapple Superhero family!
A constant reminder of what is to come... J
There for you always!
Miss you most when I eat food like this
A really awesome meal with a really awesome lover
To my special one
Ice cream for 2!!!
Runaway mama
It's funny how after 3 years, I'm still not proud of this institution...
Cheeeeeeekiennn backside
"Yessss... Kor kor what you want?"
Popeye's arms!!
Made this for my baby boy!
Daddy's new toy for his iPhone!
Stay Tuned!
Home made meal for two.