Johnny Lee


Beautiful taipei city.
Colorful salt
Thank you for the great year. And let's move on.
DJ reaz:on! The.greatest dj in Taiwan!
Relaxing afternoon with the one you care most
No idea what it is, but it's sweet
100 days had passed, thank you, amor, it's delicious.
北投平民美食 素乾麵+臭豆腐
One of my favorite spot on the MRT
So, what is freedom? For me, freedom is that you can do whatever you want but its based on respect to others.
One beer a day, keep pressure away. The Best Monday.
200NT only
Lovely afternoon at häagen-daze
Go picnic with my Timberland Boatshoes
And the suns shows up
Stop raining when I arrive!
Margarita x Cosmopolitan
Dinner time!
First meal of IKEA in my life
Feel the happiness with your own feet.
Good afternoon, Saturday.
Gorgeous view in the park, and yes, that's suppose to be Taipei101
Nice and chilly
One of my favorite park
At the beach
Homemade dinner, tartar sauce is amazing
Tired of being home, being at the same place, doing the same thing, day after day.
Perfect place for riding bicycle
Party :)
Ohhhh... So much love <3
Beach please
Thanks @juliahsia
Vodka & gummy bear
Sun set of the end of the day
Punk's not dead