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Who could deny that face? Bostonterrier PuppyLove Puppiesofinstagram Dogchild dogsofinstagram puppy
Sleeping in. Pug Pugsofinstagram Bowserandpeach Bostonterrier sleepingdogs dogsofinstagram dogparent flatnosedogsociety puppylove puppy puppiesofinstagram
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Peach has a new boyfriend. Bostonterrier PuppyLove Puppiesofinstagram Puppy kisses puppykisses
Moms will be moms. Whenparentstext Momsrule Mom Moms motherslove parentalguidance
Go ahead, Charlene. Go ahead. Work Worktraining Training Sassy gayjokes lgbt boredatwork gay
Doesn't matter who walks through the door. Peach will fall asleep on them eventually. Bostonterrier PuppyLove Puppy Puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram sleepingdogs flatnoseddogsociety
Ferdinand is halfway done! tattoo Ink Ferdinand Ferdinandthebull bodymodification screamingneedle
I'm not sure when my mom got so sassy. Mom Mama Momsrule Oversupportiveparent whenparentstext loveher
"Whatcha doinnnn?" @brycedescavish whoever said living with your best friend is a bad idea was wrong. Besties Roommate  Whiskeycoke Drinkoclock sundayfunday jamieson gaybffs gayboy
Repost from @amberlynn59 and @msnene_iam
My WCW is both these babes. Maybe they both aren't women, but they're my gurls nonetheless; @sailorjayy @brycedescavish Bestfriends Staygold Bffs 5ever
Dirt bikes, beer and good company. Who wouldn't want a better labor day weekend? Bestfriends Dirtbikes Getaway  Laborday dayoff
Peach enjoying some snuggles with uncle @brycedescavish PuppyLove Cuddles Bostonterrier Puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram
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Bedtime for me and Peach. Sleepingdogs Bostonterrier Dogsofinstagram PuppyLove puppiesofinstagram snugglebug
Boredatwork Selfies with the girls @amberlynn59 @msnene_iam SaveUs Sos uniforms babes
So good to be home. Gr Grandrapids Michigan Footbridge bluebridge
Sleepy time for the babies.Bowserandpeach Bostonterrier Pugsofinstagram Pug puppylove puppiesofinstagram sleepingdogs bedtime bigbrother littlesister
My WCW is this lady here, @sailorjayy . This is round 2 of moving 2700 miles across the country for her. Through thick and thin, always with honesty, love, acceptance and as much patience (which isn't a lot) as we have. I love you for always and ever--to the moon and back. Besties Bestfriends Bff staygold family
Boardgames and tea all afternoon with the roomie. Game Boardgame Atouchofevil Roommate  bestfriends love5ever staygold
Byooful. Bostonterrier PuppyLove Puppy Puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram sleepingdogs
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Twinsie hair! Roommate  Bffs Staygold Bestfriends
Just call me your Thursday morning reality check. Bestfriends LOVEhurts Honesty Love5ever staygold @sailorjayy
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Mama's reward after a long day at work. Drink Tequila Work Holywater  tequilasour booze cocktail drinkydrink
Me vs The Folding Machine at work. Work Workhumor Job Office screwyour1000pamphlets
The monsters at rest. Bostonterrier Cat Catsanddogs Dogsofinstagram sleepingdogs sleepingcats littledemons
He may be senile, half deaf, half blind, a master of bodily functions, and smell like Taco Bell I once left in my car for a week--but this little nugget will always be my No. 1 Pug Pugsofinstagram Seniordogs Olddog dogsofinstagram dogparent dogchild furbaby
Peach takes bedtime very serious these days. Bostonterrier Dogparent Puppy Dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram bedtime sleepingdogs sleep
You had one job, real estate agent.... Realestate Forsale Fail YouHadOneJob dammitbecky
Bedtime for Peach. Sleepingdogs Dogsofinstagram Puppiesofinstagram PuppyLove puppy bostonterrier
Peach enjoying American Horror Story with her Uncle Bryce. Puppy Bostonterrier PuppyLove Dogsofinstagram yeshomo gayboy
Building the barbie dream house on Sims3 with the Bestfriends Staygold Wehavenolives dreamhouse game @sailorjayy
Virtual training session at work. Save me. Work Training Job Boredatwork
@sailorjayy learning how to ride a dirtbike, looking dubious at best. ♡
Why in hell have I been awake since 7:30am on my day off? Gobacktobed
Another day doing arts and crafts for a living. Work Job Moneyhoney Imissmyoldjob
Who wears short shorts. I wear short shorts! And I blame it all on @sailorjayy Summer Shorts Shortyshorts Hotshorts gay whyimsingle gayingrandrapids
There's a fly buzzing on the windowsill and someone's going to get it. Bostonterrier Puppy Puppiesofinstagram Hunter insectivore dogsofinstagram dog