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Want to tell you a story of a hero.his name is dad he has been for the last 20 or so years in my life ever since I could say papa. He'll always be even when I get married and have kids of my own I will teach them that we have a hero in our midst.All the years growing up I never doubted it even when we faced the hardest and didn't have enough he was brave and undoubtedly had the stamina to put up a brave face and encourage us this was not the worst nor the end.I could go on and on at how he is the greatest part of my soul but that wouldn't fill five lifetimes it wouldn't..yesterday in the midst of chaos and panic he stood out him and other heroes and sheroes to help and secure lives.It touched my heart in ten thousand million times., that indeed I am blessed to the moon and over, he is Indeed a husband, brother, father,uncle and friend that indeed I need to celebrate..Thank God for his life and that we get to share it everyday
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