Jo Cattan

Shooting with a Sony NEX & Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Jo Cattan
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Cropped image of woman
View of trees
Woman standing on beach
Low angle view of helicopter flying against cloudy sky
Car on road
Cars parked on street
Dog standing on grass
View of smoke in city
Scenic view of sunset sky
City street against cloudy sky
Buildings against sky
Close-up of pink flowers
Scenic view of sea at sunset
Low angle view of building against cloudy sky
Woman standing in park
Portrait of young man
Low angle view of cloudy sky
Low angle view of power lines against clear blue sky
Close-up of tree against blue sky
View of sandy beach
Empty road with buildings in background
Reflection of trees in water
People sitting on boat in river
Portrait of young woman
Close-up of tree trunk
young adult
Close-up of red flower
Low angle view of building against sky
View of field against cloudy sky
Close-up of white daisy flowers
Low angle view of modern buildings against blue sky
Midsection of man
Close-up of woman standing in pool
Close-up of young woman looking at camera
Close-up of built structure
Close-up of cropped hand
River in city against cloudy sky
Cropped image of woman holding cigarette
Close-up of cropped hand
Cityscape against cloudy sky
nautical vessel
Boats in calm sea
Midsection of man
Close-up of cropped hand
Close-up of vintage car
Close-up of red rose
Trees on grassy field against cloudy sky
Boy looking away
Close-up of water against blue sky
Boats in river with buildings in background
Full frame shot of pink flowers
People on railroad track
Rear view of woman sitting on bench
Close-up of pink roses
Close-up of purple flowers
Close-up of plant
Portrait of a dog
Close-up of food on table
Palm trees against cloudy sky
Boats at harbor against cloudy sky
Close-up of yellow flower
Close-up of yellow flower
Dog on street
High angle view of chairs and table
Light painting at night
Close-up of pink rose
Text on shelf
Portrait of a young man
Portrait of young woman
Red equipment
Tourists enjoying at beach
Close-up of flowers
Woman standing on beach
Low section of woman with dog
Dog on floor
Alley in city
Close-up of woman standing in pond
Close-up of rose
Close-up of woman sitting on bench
Trees in park
Close up of flowers
Dog looking away
Close-up of built structure
Full length of woman standing on bench
Close-up of illuminated street light
Portrait of dog
Bridge over river against cloudy sky
City skyline at sunset
Close-up of a dog resting
Portrait of dog
Buildings in city against sky
Low angle view of building
Close-up of railing
Illuminated cityscape at night
Seagulls perching on beach
City street at night
Woman standing on illuminated city street at night