She is one of my best friends. Once when I felt very sad, because of my awkward experience of an English speech contest, she comfort me, " Don't be shy, just try. Sadness can't brings you anything. You should be confident. I believe you. @humansofzjut" with Humansofzjut
" I am waiting for my little brother. We appoint here to go to the movies together,but he is too late. By the way, don't tell him I eat his lollipop." @humansofzjut with Humansofzjut
She says:"My aim is to stand on all the stake in our school." @humansofzjut with Humansofzjut
They become good friends because of basketball. Now they study in different university, but both of them believe distance cannot separates them. @humansofzjut with Humansofzjut
She says she has a new haircut, and she asks me whether she becomes more beautiful. I say :"of course!" She joks that what she gains after going to university are weight and friends, and she is moved by her friends because they through thick and thin. @humansofzjut with Humansofzjut
Eating ice cream with my lovely little sister in Shanghai last weekend. I am homesick. @humansofzjut with Humansofzjut
I asked:"When did you know each other?"She said :"I think we are best friends.We grow up together,and go to school together.Maybe I will have a boyfriend,but I still view her as my best friend." @humansofzjut with Humansofzjut
She said:"When I went back home,I felt very tired .But when I saw my little son smiled to me and kissed my face ,I think it's my the most happiest moment." @humansofzjutwith Humansofzjut