Johannes Klein


Just a kid, tryin' to make it's way. Cologne, Germany twitter: @JohannesKlein5 instagram: johannes_klein_
Sunny Goldenhour
Canson Calligraphy Writing Art? Accept yourself. Everyone should, but there are a lot who just can't. Keep tryin' !
Calligraphy Writing Canson Bury the past.
Things I Like Cake Heaven
Oh my god... That is Cake Heaven
Sunrise Beautiful Morning February 2016 Snapseed Editing
Völkerschlachtdenkmal, Leipzig
Beeing sick sucks... Ill Sick :( Tulips🌷 Snapseed Sleepy
Snow Covered Snow ❄ Icecrystals Snapseed Editing  Walkthedog snow. In march... really?!
Snapseed Editing  Retro Style Bus on my way darlin...
Walkthedog Snow Covered Snapseed
Snapseed Editing  Icecrystals Snow ❄
Snow ❄ Snapseed Editing  Icecrystals
Beautiful scene at the stage theater
Snapseed Editing  which one do you like more? With or without cherry?
Snapseed Editing  which one looks better? With or without cherry?
Snapseed Editing  This is so powerful! Love it
LONDON❤ Cronut Chocolate Smores
Q Skateboard James Bond's "Q" is the only one who can fix my bones and ankles after landing on the concrete...
Beautiful morning in America First Eyeem Photo