Jia Cang


iPhone X | OLYMPUS E-PL2
Hello, young crow. Where is your mother now ? Crow Nature Animals In The Wild Bird
A grasshopper on my car. Insect One Animal Animals In The Wild Close-up Nature Night Outdoors Grasshopper
The cat driver. Cat Delivery Service
My cat has a relaxing time on the tower. Cat Relaxing Tower Indoors
The river is reflecting the clouds. Tama River River Sky Water Tree Nature Cloud Clouds And Sky Cloud - Sky Reflections Reflections In The Water Water Reflections
The first twilight in 2017. Twilight Mt.Fuji 2017 New Year
猫と夕暮れと富士山 Cat Silhouette Twilight Mt.Fuji
There is my cat in the middle size box. I think it is too small to stay for her. Cat Box
With TV. Cat Jellyfish Tv
10月は銀杏の匂いが充満していました。いまはすっかり葉が黄色く染まってます。Tree Ginkgo Ginkgo Trees Ginkgo Leaves Yellow Leaves Streetphotography Street Photography
My cat also likes to go into paper bags. Cat Pets Paper Bag
Cat Box
Crescent Moon Moon Apartment Mall
My Cat has a Six Pack
Cat PC
in the cardboard. Cat
Fukuoka Airport Sunset
夕暮れ方 Twilight Parking
My cat got hurt her ear. The veterinary clinic already closed and I don't have an elizabethan collar. So I used a cup of instant noodle as it. 耳の怪我を掻きむしりひどくなっている。明日は病院が休みでエリザベスカラーも手に入らない。ネットで調べるとカップ麺のカップを代わりに使うといいらしい。早速コンビニで買ってきてつけてみました。本人はかなり戸惑っている様子。 Cat Elizabethan Collar Hurting
夜裡的櫻花 Cherry Blossoms Night
She has a curiosity about the outer world. Cat Twilight Mt.Fuji
My girl took a picture of the Tokyo tower. Tokyo Tower Tokyo Taking Photos
久しぶりの東京タワー。 Tokyo Tower
The Christmas was over. They took apart the illuminations. Christmas Christmas Lights
A severed head. Cat Fake
Don't look at me ! Cat
Country Rice Field Twilight
近くの神社に大きな縄の輪を発見。これは何だろう? Shrine
大牟田の大蛇。一昨年の写真から。 Daija
抜け毛の季節ですね。I remove her hair by a sticky roller in shedding season. Indeed that's the convenience. Cat Fur Shedding Season
今日は肉球の日。肉球の日限定の肉球どら焼き。 Cat Pad
The cat on patrol. Cat Architecture
What are you doing ? Cat
舒服~ Cat
「玉葱嫌いです。」 Cat Onion
Cars were projected onto a ceiling. Camera Obscura Projection Traffic Cars
Jellyfish Aquarium
「ネギ食うか?」「いらんよ」 Cat 葱
Crossing the street in the rain. Street Rain
頬がはみ出してますよ。 Cat
My cat comes into bathroom when I take a bath every time. Today is bad luck day for her. She slipped off from edge of bathtub and got soaking wet... うちの猫は私の入浴中にいつも風呂場に来るのだが、今日は風呂の中に落ちてしまってびしょ濡れ。少しはドライヤーをかけたけど上手く乾かなかった。トホホ。 Cat Bathroom Bad Luck
Before dawn. Headlights Cars
Jupiter and some stars of Leo. I found Jupiter in the west sky after to feed my cat at this morning. Constellation Leo Jupiter Sky
夕暮れ Twilight Mt.Fuji Landscape
I bought new paper shredder. It isn't for the cat. Cat Shredder
The plant is working all night. Night Architecture Plant Factory
Red Leaves Japanese Maple Nature
My cat was playing with a mechanical fish. Cat Toys
Why do you store up yourself into the box ? Cat