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Double fudge cookie dough !!! Blizzardtime
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City of dusk Makati Intercontinentalhotel
Afternoon Lamon 🍌🍌🍌 Merienda Bananacue
You are somebody's reason to smile 😊😊😊 Smile Sunday Nerd
Hersheys Chocolate Symphony
🕦💇😊✌ Goodnight EyeEm Shorthair Pogi Smile ✌
Tgif Selfie Shorthair Taking Photos Hi!
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Fries before guys ! 😃 Potatocorner
Happy Sunday 😊 Nerds Sunday
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Seoul, Korea Korea Take Me Travel
Food <3 Oreo ♥ Oreo Food Enjoying Life Foodphotography
Childhood Memories Sailormoon
Good Morning.. ??? Goodmorning Happysunday
We almost knew what love was. But almost is never enough. ??? Nowplaying Arianagrande Almostisneverenough Hurt love senti music playlist playlistoftheday
Afternoon All ???
With the right person, you don't have to work so hard to be happy. It just happens effortlessly. ?? Goodnightselfie
Team Chorva. ??? Chorva Workmate Colleuges Pink reservationunit
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Meow !! ??? Cat Sleeping Meow
On repeat all day every day.. LOL Playlist Lovemelikeyoudo FiftyShadesOfGrey
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Pink is ❤ Tgif Filipina Pink Selfie office
"Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be." Selfieyesterday Filipina
Disney Love Photogrid
Morning... ???⛅☁
Goodnightworld Goodnight God Prayers love
Finalizing Commission Report.. ughh !!! ?☕??? Report Wormode Smile Life playingparokyaniedgar
I need a haircut !!!! Bangs Hair
??? Bias Me Kiss Idol kpop
Merienda ! Luckyme Pancitcanton Pancitcantonwithegg Foodporn food happiness
Watching Acrazylittlethingcalledlove ❤❤❤ Cinemaone ñam Shone
My bread is ready ! ??? Happiness Food
Now that I think about I do need new shoes. ??? IWant Nike StefanJanoski Shoes
This is what I call REAL treasure. Hahaha Cadburry Chocolate
Puffy Face Sunday morning selfie. ❤ Selfie Sunday Chubbycheeks Puffyeyes makeupfree
Ready red to go ~~ Ciao loves !!! MovieDate Glorietta FiftyShadesOfGrey Happyvalentinesdayeveryone
All my senses come to life While I’m stumbling home as drunk as I Have ever been and I’ll never leave again Cause you are the only one.. Edsheeran One Np Nowplaying playlist
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waah ! How i wish to see you in the future ! ??? Luhan Crush Love
Choco-yey !!! Happyvalentinesday
??? Nowplaying Greenday
Home ! ? Goodnightworld
Goodmorning Monday ! ???☕ Repost
Goodnight my loves @7_luhan_m ?????? Luhan Goodnight Handsome Beautiful love bias manly deer perfection chinese
I'd wait here forerver just to, see your smile...cause it's true I am nothing without you ! Sum41 Playlist Nowplayingtrack Np withme favoritesong rock underclasshero punkrock
Save the earth it's the only planet with chocolate. ??? Chocolate CookiesNcream Hersheys Happiness
? Happysunday
For good or bad, just smile. You have a lot to be thankful for. Behappy Askyourfriend
Fact Girls
??? Friedchicken Dinner Happykid Chickenleg favorite drumstick
It's better to be a fan girl than to be in a relationship ... ??? Harthart Fan Luhan EXO exomluhan exoluhan handsome pretty beautiful manly ilikeyou ugghh love bias smile fangirl
goodnight ???? Photogrid Luhan Luhandeer Love crush chinese goodnight firstlove onetomorrow flower deer exoluhan exo exom bias lulu luge smile ulzang idol happiness kpop fan kpopfan korea china moonlight thunder handsome perfection
Life begins after coffee.. ☕☕☕ Goodmorning McDo Vanillaicecoffee Mccafeselfie mirrorshot elevator wormode selfie
M & M ??? M &m Chocolate Happiness
??? Throwbacknotthursday Bagomatulognakakitangoldpic Friendship Friends sisters love happiness memories friendsforkeep oldpic wasalak
Shunga.. batang nadapa.. una siko.. ???
??? Balot Tambay Pinoy Philippines
To be happy doesn't mean you don't want more. It means you are thankful for what you have and patient for what is yet to come.
Tgif OffToSomewhere Life
Good morning !
Nakakamiss Isaw ???
The best! ??? Love SpecialGirl Tangled Disney
Groupie in Baguio.. Happiness Groupie Baguio Friends
Luhan = Love Luhan Exom Exoluhan EXO love bias iloveyou lulu luge chinese kpop
In honor of watching Warm Bodies with bae. ?❤ NicholasHoult Warmbodies
Group pic.. ?????? Adventureinbaguiowithgeofamily Baguio Adventure Memories vacation goodvibes friends
Fashion show ??? Baguio Latrinidad Adventure Pose photography friends travel memories strawberry strawberryfarm
Ow ow tee dee Ootd Mirrorshot Oxygen Red checkerd
"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts" ~ Rachel Carson Nature Baguio
Compilation of penge shot in Baguio (pinagtripan ako ni goldwin)..
Baguio Adventure Vacation Travel philippinemilitaryacademy
??? Baguio Strawberry Strawberryfarm
Baguio Penge
???⛅? Goodmorning Withpangit Batangmakati
Candid shot ??? Photography Happy Officemate Wacky
Groupic Baguio Adventure Tank war
? Baguio
After a long day... Goodnight ??? NEEDMORESLEEP Sleep Tired Bed cozy bedyouaretheone
Tgif Selfie Flower
??? Lighter Hellokitty
Sitio La Presa ??⛅??? Baguio Lapresa Sitiolapresa Strawberry adventure nature travel philippines bluesky mountain photography
Mines View in Baguio ??? MinesView Baguio @withmspier Geofamily Travel adventure philippines
Spoliarium ??? Imago Nowplaying OPM Eraserheads playlist
??? Goodmorning Quotes Repost
Back to 20 premiere in Taiwan Photogrid Luhan XiLuhan Xiaolu exo exomluhan backto20 exom luge deerluhan
Uggghhhh Luhan ❤ Luhan Crush Love Exoluhan luge bias hot kpop chinese
❤❤❤ Goodmorning