Jezreel Reyes


Merry Christmas :))
Winnie the Pooh lost his nose. ??
Flowerrrrsss ?
Thy backyard looks pretty scary. Tsk tsk ?
This is my mood right now. No more food, no more fun.
Look! It's koko. :)) Dinner Foodgasm Foodporn Foodphotography
We sound good together, my love. ???? Music Ukulele Soundcloud Goodmusic
Just had another practice with my baby. :) We sound good together, my love. ? Ukulele Music Blackandwhite Soundcloud
I'm spinning around, falling on the ground. Words without meaning escaped from my mouth. Blackandwhite Bnw From My Point Of View Bookquote
Earthquake drill. From My Point Of View OnTheField Duckcoverhold Keepcalm
From My Point Of View Trying to take a selfie.
The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Serene
I want this. Pizza Necklace Foodphotography Spotted
Trying-hard model. Lol. Modeling Spotted Amateur Photography Bookworm
My thoughts right now. Food Foodspotting Foodlover Fooddreams
My dream school. :) ?? Benilde Dlscsb College Planning
Apple pie ala mode. ??✨❤? Foodgasm Foodporn Mcdonalds Dessert
Dinner at McDonald's. ?❤? Mcdonalds Dinner Foodporn Foodgasm
My mom bought me a happy meal from McDonald's. Fun Mcdonalds Glasses Cateyes
What's in my bag? Hairbrush Wallet RayBans® Paganini
Thank you for protecting my feet.???❤ Partnersincrime ShoePorn Shoerific Shoeselfie
Music conquers everything. Music Ukulele Partners Partnersincrime
It's all turning black and white. First Eyeem Photo Black And White Memories Summer