Scott Barrenechea R.


Life is better when you love without fears... :) My name is Scott and i love learning new languages. Feel free to follow... ;)
lo máximo
" Experience, the name men give to their mistakes ". Oscar Wilde.
Queer Kingston LOL
Some souvenirs !! :)
England and Peru !!
:) Huanchaco beach !!
:) palmeras, atardecer, olas, brisa... You and I having fun. haha extremely great !!
El muelle :) lovely day.
Caballitos de totora (Trujillo -Huanchaco beach)
Huanchaco :)
Huanchaco beach !! Yeahhh
Milk, milk, milk... MILK everywhere... :)
Jeremy talking about the hunter's ink... :)
Banana milkshake :) extremely tasty !! ;)
one of my favorite parks near my home... a fantastic place to relax and imagine...
Mansiche avenue !! :)
Trying to get some information about which language i'm studying this summer !! :)
Capítulo final de 'Caminho das Indias"... :) agora sou muito feliz.
Klau planta una estaca en el corazón de Rebecca... (The Vampire Diaries)
Enjoying a pleasant moment with my co-workers.
Tyles is decided not to give up on Caroline. (The Vampire Diaries).