Hello, I'm Jessica. I from Milan in Italy. I'm 17 and I really like doing photos.
Caos Ireland Caos Glendalough
Sea Ocean Mauritius Summer
White Mountains White Snow
"Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains." -Jeffrey Rasley Mountains Snow Lovethisplace Nature
Heaven Candy Sweet Shop Lovethisplace
Random Picture Home
Sunset Orange Sky Milan
Roses Pink Wall Pink Flower
"Take me back, back to summer paradise" Mauritius Summer Sea Beach
Flower Green Mauritius Rainbow
Flower Green Park Random
Park Green Trees Empty #milan
Flower Water Reflections Ninfee Lake
"Hey there, I'm Pikachu" Pokémon Pikachu
"Who really loves don't forget" Love Forget Idontspeackenglish Book
Flower Red Rose Mauritius Roses
M'ama o non m'ama? Flower
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