Jesse Jas


How I see the world - captured in moments All photos are taken using either my Xiaomi Redmi 1S or Xiaomi Mi4.
My Year My View
Chopsticks... Taking Photos Plain & Simple Huaweishot Randomshot Black Black Color
How I have already missing this.. Sea Blue Water Cloud - Sky Aerial View Scenics Nature Horizon Over Water Beauty In Nature Sky Outdoors Taking Photos Memories Thailand Life Is Beautiful Huaweiphotography Huawei Mate8 Huaweishot Plain & Simple Freedom
Buddha Head in Tree Roots, Ayutthaya, Thailand. Plant Taking Photos Tangled Outdoors Urban Nature Tranquility Life Is Beautiful Growth Nature Photography Historical Building Wildlife & Nature Enjoying Life Memories Lifeisbeautiful Huawei Mate8 Huaweishot Huaweiphotography Buddha Ayutthaya Thailand
The nature that still capture my heart. Root Tree Growth Tangled Botany Nature Spreading Twisted Outdoors Day Complexity Huaweiphotography Huaweishot Huawei Mate8 Nature Urban Life Urban Nature Tranquility Life Is Beautiful Taking Photos Appreciating Nature Plain & Simple Randomshot Plant Surviving
Nice and simple Fence Plant Leaf Day Nature Outdoors Tranquility Nature Taking Photos Urban Nature Life Is Beautiful Wildlife Nature Photography Plain & Simple Appreciating Nature Appreciate The Little Things In Life Randomshot Nature On Your Doorstep Urban Life Sparrow Sparrows Huawei Mate8 Huaweiphotography Huaweishot
It has been so long since I see one of this..kinda miss it..not sure what family of moth it is from.. Moth Wildlife Concrete Outdoors Tranquility Nature Taking Photos Urban Nature Life Is Beautiful Lifeisbeautiful Appreciate The Little Things In Life Nature On Your Doorstep Memories Randomshot Nature Photography Nightlife Freedom Surviving Appreciating Nature Plain & Simple
The begining of a new life Nature Taking Photos Check This Out Enjoying Life Appreciate The Little Things In Life Urban Nature Wildlife & Nature Lifeisbeautiful Nature On Your Doorstep Life Life Is Beautiful Greens
When you aged beautifully, someone might appreciate you Taking Photos Relaxing Enjoying Life Penang Urban Life Randomshot Old House Urban Historical Building Memories Abandoned Buildings Appreciate The Little Things In Life Everyday Lives
From the bottom of an unripe pomegranate, lies the secret flower and it's beauty. Taking Photos Relaxing Enjoying Life Urban Nature Lifeisbeautiful Penang Flowers Fruits Nature Nature Photography Pomegranate
The fish in the sky. Clouds Clouds And Sky Relaxing Taking Photos Hanging Out Enjoying Life Lifeisbeautiful Urban Nature Penang
Morning clouds over the hills. Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life Lifeisbeautiful Urban Life Randomshot Urban Nature Wildlife & Nature Morning Good Morning!
Once upon a time when the town was at its glory, but now long forgotten with time.. Taking Photos Enjoying Life Urban Life Lifeisbeautiful Penang Urban City Historic Historical Building Old House Old Buildings
Hello Bangkok!! The night is still young!! Bangkok SiamParagon Nightlife NightIsYoung Cities At Night
Goodnight world Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life Penang Lifeisbeautiful Randomshot Urban Life Sunset Freedom
New working place, new plants to see. Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life Surviving Appreciating Nature Wildlife & Nature Nature On Your Doorstep Urban Nature Life Is Good Plain & Simple Penang Randomshot Nature Nature Photography Flowerporn Flowers
Finally, you showed up before I leave. Squirrel Wildlife Wildlife & Nature Wildlife Photography Urban Nature Nature On Your Doorstep Enjoying Life Everyday Lives Surviving Lifeisbeautiful Hello World Appreciating Nature
Working in a restaurant, there's many to see and many to learn, if only all of us stop rushing and take it slow, there's many beautiful thing that can be seen Relaxing Taking Photos Nature Photography Enjoying Life Nature Lifeisbeautiful Surviving Everyday Lives Nature On Your Doorstep
Something I stumble upon while walking through the grass.. Taking Photos Enjoying Life Check This Out Nature Photography Nature Mushrooms Fields Surviving Lifeisbeautiful Life Is Good
Not sure what insect is this but this is random picture taken in the elevator testing my new phone's camera. Enjoying Life Appreciating Nature Randomshot Taking Photos Nature Everyday Lives Plain & Simple Urban City Insects  Insect Photography
Morning... Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life Randomshot Nature On Your Doorstep Nature Penang Appreciating Nature Morning
Fungi and bricks Taking Photos Enjoying Life Randomshot Plain & Simple Everyday Lives Nature Urban City Nature On Your Doorstep Fungi
I think it represent the nature of being human, a body of a baby and a head of an old man..the age and how someone should behave is not based on the age but the soul.. Freedom Statues Enjoying Life Hello World Check This Out Taking Photos Randomshot Art ArtWork
The background colors that blend together, makes something simple look unique Architecture Interior Design Triangle Yellow Grey Black White Plain & Simple Wall Art Art Artistic
Made this today out of the blue..using milk foam and was supposedly to be on a coffee or chocolate..the coffee 3D art but this is on a saucer..practicing my own art 3Dart Milk Cat Neko Coffeart Practicing ArtWork Penang Cafe 3D
At the backstage of the Chinese opera Chinese Traditions Streetphotography Chineseopera Temple Penang Backstage
Capturing Freedom
On the paper is how they see it and on my picture is how I see them..the art and the artist..travelling and drawing all the way from Thailand.. Art Artist Drawing Temple Buddhist Temple Penang Everyday Lives Travel Photography Check Thi Street Artist
When nature trapped in the city... Snake Urban Trapped City Lost Nature
Once upon a time when I was in Bangkok..taken at the state museum Throwback Bangkok Thailand Museum Architecture Art Religion Culture Asian Culture
Finally got it done Throwback Tattmoo Tattoos Carpe Diem Memento Mori Inked
Late evening clouds above the temple Temple Buddhist Temple Penang Heritage Building Culture Clouds And Sky Urban Landscape Late Evening Enjoying Life
Surviving in the city of metals and bricks.. Survival Urban Nature Citylife Cityofmetalbricks Loneliness Nature
Once upon a time when the moon meet the sun. Sunset Plane Flight ✈ Throwback First Eyeem Photo Moon